The Fab40s are in holiday colours

This month, Ada chose the perfectly apt theme: holiday colours, and what a fabulous theme it is! I love this time of year when it’s perfectly acceptable to wear green with red—a colour combination I had intended to wear today, but then had second thoughts. Instead, I decided to include silver or gold, which are two shades also known to be holiday colours, right?

So, out came my favourite silver skirt (from Massimo Dutti a couple of years ago), which you might remember from the Fab40s Water theme, earlier this year. On that occasion, I wore it with blues. Today, I’m wearing it with a thick, red, woolly jumper (from Mango a few years ago). I love the way long skirts look with chunky sweaters—there’s something cozy, yet classy, about it. There’s also something about long skirts with knee hight boots too. I’m not sure what it is, but it’s just cool. To me, I think of the 1970s when I wear the two together. Do you get the same vibe? My tan boots came from Massimo Dutti several years ago, but they don’t come out too often because I find them a little uncomfortable to wear, unless I’m sitting at a dinner table!

holiday colours

And because we’re dressing in holiday colours, I just had to add a bit of bling in the shape of my very old, but favourite, sparkly handbag which was a gift from an old friend. There’s also added sparkle in the bling necklace (a gift from MIL), and my trusty, old, fabulous winged earrings.

All in all, I rather like the look. I’m considering wearing it on Christmas day, although with my hot flushes lately, I think the sweater might have to be replaced with something else. Also, the boots might be a bit much to wear all day long lol. So, basically speaking, I might wear the skirt lol! We’ll see. But that’s enough of my outfit, let’s check out the other gorgeous Fab40s gals and see how they styled holiday colours.

Ada, Elegance & Mommyhood

I absolutely love this photo of Ada—she looks so cozy in that thick plaid shirt, which is so perfect for this time of the year. I’m loving those ankle boots and hat too. Gorgeous!

Daenel, Living Outside the Stacks

Due to craziness of the festive season, Daenel had to sit this month out but she’ll be back next year!

Shelbee, Shelbee on the Edge

I think it’s so cool that Shelbee also went for plaid this month! I’m in love with that poncho and I just adore the way she styled it with the hat and gloves to match. Utter perfection!

And me…

And that’s it for 2021! Join me early next year for more Fab40s, Style Imitating Art, Photo Challenges and more! I look forward to seeing you on the other side! May the force be with you. Huge hugs xx

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7 responses to “The Fab40s are in holiday colours”

  1. Suzy, I love this holiday look on you! The skirt is so fabulous and the chunky red sweater looks super cool with it…and cozy, too! I love the vintage vibe of tall boots with long skirts, too. And I have lots of sitting shoes and boots like these…the ones that you can only tolerate for sitting! I hope you had a lovely Christmas. Let’s definitely catch up next week some time!


  2. Marsha Banks says:

    I agree with you about maxi skirts and boots. There is just something so cool about it, but I don’t know what it is either! Lot of good I am! You look stunning in red! But, I’m curious about that green skirt now! I hope you had an amazing Christmas! Our weather is crazy! I think our yard will need to be mowed, and my daffodils are about six inches high! All should be covered in snow!

  3. Daenel T. says:

    Suzy, those boots are fabulous but I totally understand why they’re dinner table shoes. The older I get, the more I find my pretty shoes relegated to that category.

    I love the juxtaposition of the chunky sweater with the skirt. So much fun.

  4. Gail says:

    Silver and red is one of my favourite festive combinations! I love a chunky jumper with a satin or slippy skirt. Happy New Year! x

  5. Lovely says:

    Love this color combo and this look is fantastic! Your hair looks amazing.

  6. Laurie says:

    Happy new year Suzy! Another fabulous look from you xx

  7. Nice balance between sparkly and cosy. Well done.

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