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Lioness is an Australian-based fashion brand that delivers luxury clothing to fashionable women the world over, including celebrities, social media influencers, and IT girls who all love this brand’s clothes for their unique, sexy, and bold designs. If you’re looking for something unlike anything else in your wardrobe, Lioness might just be your best choice.

Where can you buy Lioness clothes?

Lioness’s headquarters may be based in Sydney, Australia but the company’s products are available via their online store, as well as via a select few other online fashion retailers like Shopbop. It appears the official site did offer international shipping at one point but as of the time of writing, it is currently unavailable. While the official site’s international shipping may be up in the air, the brand itself can be found at many of the world’s largest retail clothing stores. So getting your hands on their products shouldn’t be too much of a hassle. 

The official site does still ship to the US, however. The shipping section directly states that the brand has warehouses in the US that they ship products from and in the case of those warehouses being out of said product, the product will instead be shipped from one of the brand’s many other Australian-based warehouses. 

The brand’s official site is actually pretty interesting and unique in comparison to other clothing sites. For instance, the site uses moving gifs of models wearing a few of their products, which is a nice touch letting consumers see the outfit/product in motion and from multiple angles. The site itself also features a unique layout with large images of the products serving as links. These images show you the size options available for that product and lets you scroll through the images of that product without leaving the page.

Lioness’s fashion collections

Lioness has a number of collections centered around many of its styles. These collections also feature many of the brand’s collaborations with celebrities, social media stars, and IT girls. When it comes to the new hotness, these picks are must-haves. 

Camelia Farhoodi X Lioness Berlin Jacket

The Camelia Farhoodi X Lioness Berlin Jacket is one of the many items from Lioness’s collaboration with Instagram star Camelia Farhoodi (@cameliafarhoodi). Image courtesy of LionessFashion

In conclusion…

  • The Lioness brand was founded by Wendy Lin who currently works as the brand’s managing director. She founded the company back in 2009.
  • Wendy has an Instagram page and she posts regularly, feel free to check her out!
  • Many of the site’s products also have Instagram store pages that you can access from the brand’s official Instagram or the official store page for that item.
  • The items that have Instagram store pages allow you to click on the different items in their images. These sections of the image will actually link you to the store page for the product you clicked on if there is one available.
  • The prices might seem a bit steep for some. Luckily the official site has a section dedicated to sales. YAY!
  • The official site also has a section dedicated to upcoming items that you can preorder.
  • The Lioness brand loves social media. If you own some of their merchandise feel free to send them pictures of you in their stuff, you might appear on their Instagram.
  • The official site has a press section with articles focused on who is wearing what in the fashion industry.

All images courtesy of LionessFashion.


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