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Excuse the dreadful photos, but the shopping centre was far too busy for me to pose among everyone, so I hid in the underground carpark instead! I hadn’t realised just how bad the photos were until we got home and I saw them on the computer. Oh well…the main point was to show you my new neutral handbag and glasses, so at least they do that!

I had been searching for a neutral handbag for some time. And, because I’m quite picky about the shape of the bag and the thickness of the strap, I hadn’t found what I was looking for…until I popped into Parfois last week and spotted this little beauty. It’s exactly what I had been searching for, so I was a happy girl. I’ve used it every time I’ve been out of the house since I bought it. That, and my camel Timberland sandals that I got from Barcelona. They’re back in store this season, and they’re also available in black and green. I’m very tempted by the green ones!

I know I could have worn pretty much anything with this neutral handbag and sandals and it would’ve gone well, but I decided to keep the colours fairly muted, so wore the light green blouse from Primark (last summer) and my cream cargo jeans from (H&M). I added some neutral jewellery and I was all set for a little trip out. We actually went for a wander around Vilamoura Marina first but the sun was so bright (not to mention, hot!), that we couldn’t really get any decent photos there either. So we ended up popping into Forum Algarve (a shopping centre in Faro) for a bite to eat before heading home.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention my new glasses. I’d been having a lot of head / eye aches lately and my eyesight was driving me mad, so I went to a more local opticians and had my eyes tested (my last test was just a year ago). As it turned out, my left eye had gotten a little worse but my right was the same as last year, hence the headaches. Also, the progressive lenses I’d got last year were driving me insane! Seriously, if I’d known they’d be as awful as they were, I would never have forked out all that money for them. If you’re thinking about progressive lenses…honestly, judging by my experience, I’d say avoid them as long as you can! I’m so happy to have normal lenses again…and I don’t mind one bit that I have to carry a second pair of reading glasses around with me!

neutral handbag

As for the frames, I decided to go for something completely neutral this time round, so I chose some colourless ones that go with absolutely everything. I’m quite pleased with them actually. I know these aren’t the best photos to show them off, but what do you think?

And now, let’s get on with the Neverending Style Link-Up! I hope you’ll add all your blog posts, instagram, TikTok, YouTube etc! See you next week!

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10 responses to “New neutral handbag and glasses | Link-up”

  1. mireilleftm says:

    I got some progressive glasses this year (that was a chunk of money) and have liked them but I don’t wear them a lot so that might be part of the reason. Usually evenings and mornings and occasionally on the weekend. I wear my contacts most of the time and just make sure I have a pair of readers with me at all times. I really like this neutral outfit and the jewelry is perfect for it. While the pictures might me darker than your usual, I think the parking area is really a cool spot for pictures.

  2. Michelle says:

    This is a lovely look! I like the width of the strap, on your new purse. If a purse has any size to it, a wider strap is so necessary for comfort. And your new glasses look fab! I’m with you on the progressives. I went back to a bifocal. And yet my mom has no problem with them. I guess everyone’s different.


  3. Emma Peach says:

    Lovely neutral outfit! I always have to go in Parfois when I’m in Madeira, they always have such fabulous accessories. I think the photos turned out great – Portuguese car parks are much more photogenic than British ones!

    Emma xxx

  4. A wardrobe essential in my book, a neutral bag. I love the camera style too. Not too big or small. The glasses really suit you Suzy. xx

  5. I think the car park is kind of pretty. Maybe a little dark but I like the rock and the vegetation behind you. Ditto on progressive lenses. No thanks. My husband has them and I guess likes them but they stay dark an awful long time after he comes in from the sun.

    I have been squinting for about 6 months. And my faithful readers no longer seem to be doing the trick. I need to get in to see my ophthalmologist. I think you might have inspired me to do so tomorrow. Your glasses are so chic. Maybe I can find something similar!!

  6. I am loving your glasses. You are looking super cute in them 🙂

  7. You are looking gorgeous in this outfits

  8. Very chic ensemble dear. Neutrals can do that to a girl.
    As for progressive lenses…you should be able to see good with them, but it happens a lot that the optician doesn’t cut the glasses the right way with what we we call in Duth “the burning point” (focus point?) in the middle. If that isn’t exactly in the middle, you will get problems and it happens a lot.

    • Suzy says:

      Thanks Greetje! I wonder if that’s what happened with my glasses? Oh well, I’ve given up now. If I had the money to spend, I’d probably have laser treatment!
      Hugs xx

  9. So pretty, Suzy! I love these muted colors together and that minty green is gorgeous on you! Great bag, too, my friend!


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