A wardrobe staple: wide-legged trousers from Primark

Primark outfit

I love to wear wide-legged trousers throughout the year. I find them to be one of the most comfortable, and versatile, styles. I have them in a variety of different fabrics—denim, Tencel (also known as Lyocelle), soft corduroy, tweed and cotton. One of my favourites for this time of year—and throughout the summer—are these viscose, wide-legged trousers from Primark.

They have them in every year (in varying prints) and I always find myself buying one or two pairs. They’re usually priced around ten euros and usually wash pretty well. The only problem I have with them is that they’re often a bit long for my petite frame (5ft 3 and a half) so I usually end up having to hem them (which drives me potty!). As you can see, I haven’t done that yet because they look pretty good with my old tan wedge sandals. I will try them on with a variety of different flats to ascertain whether or not I need to. I’m hoping not lol

I bought these wide-legged trousers in April, which I mentioned in this post, and I wore them for the first time last week. I love the print, and the colours are just gorgeous. I bought the sage green blouse at the same time because I knew they would look great together. It’s a very simple outfit, but perfect for the season (with a cardigan for cooler nights).

I decided to stick with the green and red colour scheme and opted to use my fabulous new Teddy Blake Ava handbag which was kindly gifted to me recently. You might remember it from my post here. I will often mix and match cheap and cheerful with designer goods! I’m not fussy! I did think the bag went beautifully with the outfit though. I finished it off with a plain red necklace and a green stone bracelet. Simple accessories for a simple outfit.

Are you a fan of wide-legged trousers? Do you ever buy this style from Primark?

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11 responses to “A wardrobe staple: wide-legged trousers from Primark”

  1. Lovely says:

    What a beautiful pair of trousers! The print is cool, and I like how you styled it.

  2. Marsha Banks says:

    Oh, I do love a wide legged trouser…yours are gorgeous! I love how they swoosh and are ever so comfy! You look fabulous in these! I do hate hemming, don’t you? Petite (do you have petite sizing) sizes don’t always work for me. So, I’ve learned to hem quite well, thank you very much!


  3. Anna Marcus says:

    I am a big fan of wide-legged pants myself and love these one a lot. They drape beautifully and I like the muted tones and are a perfect canvas for bright top and accessories. Love your green hand bag, Suzy.

  4. Carol says:

    I’m so glad that wide-leg pants have stayed in style the past few years. They’re so much more comfortable than leggings and skinny jeans. You look great in this outfit — love the green color.

  5. mireille says:

    I love wide legged pants in the hot months: you will see me more in them than shorts and shorts get too hot in the car and mosquitoes have more spots to bite! I love how effortless this look is.

  6. Nancy says:

    Those trousers look great! I haven’t been in ages to Primark, sometimes they do have such fun things!

  7. Hi Suzy!
    The print is so pretty on the trousers and I love the style on you. They look great with the wedge sandals. I just bought a pair of black trousers that have to be hemmed, and almost always that is not a problem, usually things are too short! I dont know how to hem.. so eventually it will get done! The soft sage color is beautiful too!
    thanks for linking !
    jess xx

  8. Pamela says:

    Wide legs are my favorite too! I haven’t seen anything like that in Primark UK but I can vouch for their simple tanks rather like the green one you’re wearing. I have had them in ivory and navy for several years and they just keep on going – they were something like £4 initially!! I need to return then to look for the trousers, so so comfy and they look great.

  9. Daenel T. says:

    What great pants! I love a wide leg, especially in floaty material. I always feel taller. LOL

  10. Laurie says:

    Yes, I’m all for a pair of wide-legged trousers Suzy! These have beautiful colours. xx

  11. Looks like you had fun with this photo shoot. Love the cool mint top you paired with these wide-legged trousers. Green is just the best color!! I had one pair of wide legged pants that I wore a couple of times on vacation but didn’t feel comfortable wearing them here at home. Not sure why!! My sister wore them regally – she is very tall and slim. I felt like I couldn’t measure up!!

    I have been eyeing a pair of linen-blend wide legged pants. Maybe it’s time I pull the trigger and get them.

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