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I’m back with the Neverending Style link-up after having a few weeks off (see my last post earlier this week about that), and I’m so grateful for your patience with me. Today, instead of featuring an outfit I’ve worn this week, I thought I’d share some of the videos I’ve posted on my YouTube channel instead.

The first video is for a new series I’ve started, talking about some of my current favourite brands. I began by talking about Superdry, which might seem a little unexpected. But wait until you see the beautiful black dress and kimono I got there recently and you’ll understand!

My second video is a funny one! I decided to have a go at contouring for the very first time. It was a bit of a disaster, but one worth watching because it might teach you a lesson or two about how not to do it! Like avoid choosing the wrong colours LOL. You’ll see from the image on the thumbnail that I look a bit like Morticia Addams!

The third video on my YouTube channel, which I posted yesterday afternoon, is my top tip for dealing with peri-menopausal hair loss / hair thinning. I’d been experiencing it a lot over the past few months so I decided to go to my stylist for a trim and a chat about it. I’m so glad I did, because my hair feels so much better, and I’m no longer stressing about it.

As you can see, I’ve been rather busy with my YouTube channel this week. I’m determined to get better at it, posting more regularly, and talking about issues that us 40 plus women deal with on a day-to-day basis, like style, make-up, menopause, cooking (plant-based recipes), travel, hobbies, cleaning (!), etc. I’m aware that I’ve not quite mastered lighting and sound yet, but I’ve got a new microphone arriving tomorrow and I’m planning on sorting out better lighting too. Let’s just hope the subscribers will come! Hint Hint. You can find my channel at The Grey Brunette.

And now let’s get on with the Neverending Style link-up! I’ve been slowly getting back into reading your wonderful posts this week, so I’m excited to see what you’ve been up to now that it’s September (YAY!). Have a fantastic weekend.

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13 responses to “YouTube channel: favourite brands | contouring | hair loss | link-up”

  1. Laurie says:

    Enjoying watching your films, Suzy! Loved that Kimono xx

    • Suzy says:

      Thanks Laurie! I was a great find…I think I might have squealed when I spotted it lol!
      Have a lovely weekend.
      Hugs xx

  2. mireille says:

    No time right yet on my hands to watch any you tube videos except my exercise ones but if it calms down around here I will need to start watching your channel.

  3. Alexandra says:

    Welcome back!!

  4. Gail says:

    Your videos sound very watchable- will explore today when I get my Sunday Toyah/Robert fix!

  5. Suzy, I really enjoyed watching your videos. I am so glad that you had some quality time with your brother. I hope you are able to see him again sooner rather than later. Your new kimono/robe is absolutely stunning and I love the black maxi dress, too. You can’t beat cute and comfy joggers and hoodies either! I think you did a great job with contouring! What a cute video. I love when you make yourself laugh! Haha. And yes to yoga for curing all the things! Gosh, it has been my lifeline to sanity! I hope you are having a lovely weekend, my friend!


    • Suzy says:

      Thank you so much, Shelbee! I sometimes really have fun creating those videos…and I always hope I’ll make other people laugh too LOL!!
      Huge hugs
      Suzy xx

  6. Rena says:

    You go, girl. Great job with those videos.


  7. I enjoyed watching your videos Suzy. And arent hormones crap after 50! I notice various things too and my hairline has receeded some. I learn how to cover it up. Anyhow, I commented on the first video on youtube. Glad to see and hear you!
    Have a great weekend!
    jess xx

    • Suzy says:

      You’re an angel, Jess! Thank you so much. I always love it when I finally get to hear what my blogging buddies sound like lol! Big hugs xx

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