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I’m not a fan of shorts. On me, anyway. Even though I don’t like my legs, I love them for the wonderful job they do carrying me around all day! I just don’t like seeing my legs in certain things, and shorts are one of those things. The longer the shorts are, the happier I am—usually. So, when I spotted these blue and white shorts in the H&M sale last week, I impressed myself by picking them up and trying them on. Now, I know they make me look bigger around the middle but I suddenly realised some thing very important. I realised that it doesn’t matter. Who cares if I might look bigger around the middle? Nobody else does, so why should I? It was kind of like a revelation…so I bought the shorts!

I wore them to go shopping with Michael and I loved them. I was so comfortable walking around in this ridiculous heat, that I didn’t bat an eyelid whenever I saw myself in the mirror. In fact, I think I might be starting to like my legs a little bit more every day. All because of one pair of blue and white shorts.

They only cost me about ten euros too, which is absolutely brilliant, right? On this occasion, I wore them with my navy blue vest, also from H&M (of which I have many) and my newest pair of sandals from Timberland. We bought them in Barcelona a few months ago, and also got this pretty white watch at the same time. I decided not to wear much jewellery because it’s just too hot, isn’t it? I can’t be doing with too much stuff on. I even had a bikini bra top on beneath the vest, for extra coolness!

The second I got home, everything came off anyway lol!

What have you been wearing in this heat? Anything exciting? Or are you wandering around in your undies (which seems like the most sensible thing to do right now). Let me know, and link-up all your posts in the Neverending Style link-up, below! I’m still unsure if I’ll be able to post the link-up over the next few weeks because of various personal issues going on…but do check back, just in case! Thank you so much for all your support!

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11 responses to “New blue and white shorts | Link-up”

  1. Laurie says:

    Similar to you Suzy I’ve not been wearing very much at all! I have a dress in the same material as your shorts. The ruched body dresses from HM have been a godsend in this heat I now have three of them. I hope everything goes to plan and there’s not too much stress xx

  2. Anna says:

    You look so cute in these shorts Suzy, I don’t think you need to worry about your legs, they look absolutely fine :). Have a great weekend

  3. Amy Johnson says:

    Those shorts are so cute! That is my favorite length of shorts too. Thanks for the party.

  4. Not much of a fan of shorts either, but when the thermometer heads toward 90 F…

  5. mireille says:

    I don’t wear many things with that type of waist but I do have a pair of pink joggers that I love wearing whether they are flattering or not. You make a good point about who cares! Do we really care that people we don’t know look at our waist or do they even look? This is a cute outfit on you and yes, with the heat in the summer, wear what is cool!

  6. Oh my goodness, Suzy, when I saw the first photo, the first thing I thought was how very slenderizing these shorts are so when you said they make you looked bigger I was a bit shocked. They are adorable and the navy vest is so cute with them. This whole outfit looks great on you and I love that you are showing off your gorgeous legs! I have been wearing long, loose, maxi dresses to beat the heat, generally without a bra if I am not going anywhere! Sending you lots of light and love, my friend!


  7. Alexandra says:

    Such very cute shorts!

  8. Nancy says:

    I had the same with shorts and also thought at one point, who cares. I bought 2 pairs and love them. It’s perfect for cycling. Love that watch!! It reminded me that I had a similar one in red when I was a child!

  9. Hi Suzy!
    They look great! I love the print and I think they are linen right? Bought some linen pieces on H&m this year as well. I love it with the navy top and sandals. Perfect for th heat, like you said! Oh, I heard you guys have quite a heat wave! This has been one of the hottest summers for us this year as well. Not a big fan of stepping outside and sweat pouring down your back!
    Enjoy the weekend!
    jess xx

  10. Marsha Banks says:

    Well, fabulous minds think alike, eh? I just wrote about my legs, too! I love those shorts, and I think you look quite gorgeous in them! I don’t wear watches, but I really, really like that one! Luckily, we have air conditioning so I can escape the heat when necessary. But, I do admit to wearing my PJs almost all day long! It’s not like there is anything to do!

    Thanks, my friend, for the link party!

  11. Michelle says:

    You look totally adorable in these shorts, Suzy! And personally, I think your legs look great. Such a cute outfit, and perfect for summer weather.


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