Songful Style: Leather and Lace by Stevie Nicks

leather and lace

Welcome to our second Songful Style post! Hosted by myself, Shelbee (Shelbee on the Edge), Michelle (My Bijou Life), Marsha (Marsha in the Middle) and Anne (Spy Girl), Songful Style is a brand new collaboration featuring outfits inspired by songs. We’re also inviting anyone who would like to join us, to post their own outfits in the link-up below. It doesn’t matter from what angle the song inspires the outfit, it can be from the lyrics, the tune itself, the album cover, music video, etc. Our second Songful Style song was chosen by Shelbee and it is Leather and Lace by Stevie Nicks and Don Henley.

I have long been a fan of Stevie Nicks. Not only does she produce the most beautiful, magical music, but she also has the most amazing sense of style. In fact, if I had an alter-ego (!), she’d dress exactly like Stevie Nicks and would live in Glastonbury and own a little magic / witchy shop full of wonders. So when Shelbee announced this month’s Songful Style music, Leather and Lace, I think I clapped with glee! To learn more about why Shelbee chose this song, check out her post, here.

Initially, I thought I would take the song title of Leather and Lace quite literally. I figured I would wear a lace dress, perhaps with a leather jacket and leather boots. But, after giving it further thought, I decided to embrace my inner Stevie and go all out. This is what I would wear whilst working in my little magical emporium in Glastonbury lol.

I thoroughly enjoyed going through all the images of Stevie Nicks’ style over the years. She has always maintained that magical boho vibe which I adore—ever since she was a young woman starting out in the music business. I love the handkerchief hemmed dresses and skirts she favours, as well as the multitude of shawls she seems to have. The lace, crochet and wispy fabrics—all are simply beautiful and I’d love to have more in my wardrobe! What I do have is my favourite black crochet cardigan which has a real boho vibe, and it has been on the blog a multitude of times too.

The rest of my outfit is all old too. The black maxi skirt came from Calzedonia a few years ago, and the dress (yes, that lace top is actually a skater dress lol) was a Primark purchase when it first opened! The longest necklace also came from there. My black platform wedge boots are one of my favourite items in my wardrobe, and they’re quite similar to some of the boots I spotted Stevie wearing. My faux leather handbag was a gift from my MIL a few years ago, and the green ring and bracelet were gifts from her this Christmas.

And that’s it, my interpretation of the fabulous Leather and Lace song. I’m quite pleased with the result, although if I’d have had the items in my wardrobe, I would have quite liked to have worn all white or cream like her first outfit here (plus, I have a similar pair of sandals that would’ve looked fab lol). Are you joining in the Songful Style theme this month? If so, please link up your posts, below (all style posts welcome though). And don’t forget to check out Shelbee (Shelbee on the Edge), Michelle (My Bijou Life), Marsha (Marsha in the Middle) and Anne (Spy Girl)‘s Leather and Lace posts. Oh, and before I forget, the next song for our April 25, 2022, post is “Hi-Heel Sneakers” by Tommy Tucker chosen by Michelle. See you soon!

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15 responses to “Songful Style: Leather and Lace by Stevie Nicks”

  1. OMG, Suzy, you know I love everything about this post and this fabulous outfit! You are a witchy goddess, my friend! That crochet cardigan is amazing and I love all the flowy layers in black. I think Stevie would approve!!!


  2. Michelle says:

    I adore this very witchy, outfit, Suzy! I can see you in your own little shop with the mystical atmosphere. Very cool!


  3. Anne M Bray says:

    Nailed it!
    The crimped hair cracks me up.

    Miss, whi(t)ch aisle has the magic potions?

  4. Daenel T. says:

    Suzy, how many ways can I love this outfit? I keep saying it — we are style sisters. I love Stevie’s layers and crochet and wraps and skirts and fringe and jewelry. Can you imagine what her closet must look like? And how much fun it’d be to play dress up in?

    • Suzy says:

      Awww thanks Daenel. I TOTALLY agree that we are style sisters! I wish we could both go and visit Stevie’s closet lol. It would be AWESOME!
      Big hugs
      Suzy xx

  5. Marsha Banks says:

    You win! You win! You win!! I’m so glad you went with this rather than the leather and lace! This is so ethereal, witchy and fabulous!! Love it 1000%!!

    • Suzy says:

      LOL Marsha you’ve just totally made my day! Thank you so much, my friend! That’s exactly the kind of look I was going for!
      Big hugs
      Suzy xx

  6. Pamela says:

    Wow the iconic Stevie look comes to life! What a fabulously creative outfit!

  7. Hi, Suzy – You did a great job interpreting Stevie’s style for yourself. And I love that you even crimped your hair! I have a Stevie Nicks style post pending in my files and you are inspiring me. I thought no one would be interested. Love this! – Angie,

  8. Emma Peach says:

    I love this mystical, witchy outfit Suzy! Stevie Nicks is just awesome, I love her style. Thanks for linking up!

    Emma xxx

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