Review: Murder in Autumn by Lesley Cookman

With Shakespeare on the stage, there’s danger waiting in the wings for super-sleuth Libby Sarjeant…

Libby Sarjeant is proudly hosting an original production of Much Ado About Nothing at the Oast Theatre, which features a daring twist on the classic play. But an old acquaintance of Libby’s – irascible director Constance Matthews – is outraged by the show, stirring strong feelings throughout Steeple Martin.

When a body is subsequently found in the woodlands of a grand estate, the community is shocked by the prospect of murder. But the case is far from straightforward, with dark secrets lurking beneath the surface.

With the help of friends and family, can amateur detective Libby – and her friend Fran – unravel a truly perplexing puzzle?

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My Review

Lesley Cookman has a knack for crafting mysteries that keep readers engaged with her pleasant writing style. Her characters are familiar and likeable, and she knows how to spin a good yarn. However, her latest book, while still showing her writing prowess, didn’t quite align with my personal taste.

You see, I tend to lean towards cozy mysteries with a supernatural twist, and that’s not Cookman’s usual forte. So, while her storytelling remains as charming as ever, this particular book didn’t quite hit the mark for me.

For those who are already fans of the Libby Sergeant Mystery series, you’ll find the usual twists and turns in the plot, and it’ll feel like revisiting old friends. If you’ve been following along, it might be worth giving her latest installment a try. But if, like me, you prefer mysteries with a supernatural element, you might want to hold out for a different kind of adventure.

Author Bio

Lesley Cookman is a former actor, model and journalist. She lives on the Kent coast in south east England with her two cats and the occasional returning offspring. In her past, she has been Editor of such diverse publications as The Call Boy – official magazine of the British Music Hall Society – and Poultry Farmer’s Weekly. She has written for the stage, and her pantomimes were at one time performed all over the country – she even wrote a book on how to do it. She writes the Libby Sarjeant Mystery series, of which there are currently 24 and three novellas and The Alexandrians, an Edwardian mystery series about a seaside concert party. She has four children, all musicians (one also a writer) and two grandchilden.

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