Book Review & Link-Up | New York Miracle by Margo Laurie

New York Miracle — A sweet, Christmas ghost story with a dash of romance

Ellie Peach travels to Manhattan for a fan-making apprenticeship. While staying at a historic boarding house, she meets the charming James Denny. He claims to be a Broadway actor waiting for his lost love. When Ellie offers to help search for her, it leads to old secrets and adventure…

“This was such a fun, light-hearted Christmas read. Loveable characters with a fun storyline.” – Books With Sally

“New York Miracle is a beautifully written and engaging novella that will leave readers feeling warm and uplifted. Margo Laurie’s storytelling expertise shines through in this heartwarming tale, reminding us that Christmas miracles can happen, especially when love and hope are involved.” – NetGalley reviewer

“New York Miracle is a surprising story; the mystery of James and his lost love took me on a great adventure… James is the main driving force of the story. He kept saying the craziest things that had me glued to the book.” – Readers’ Favorite 

New York MIracle

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My Review

I absolutely loved “New York Miracle”! This novella is right up my alley with its enchanting blend of supernatural and magical elements. The book not only transported me to the heart of New York but also stirred that special Christmas magic in my heart.

The story revolves around Ellie Peach, who embarks on a fan-making apprenticeship in Manhattan, and it’s her journey that sets the stage for the extraordinary events to follow. Staying at a historic boarding house in New York during the holiday season adds an extra layer of charm to the story. The details about the city, especially during Christmas time, made me want to pack my bags and revisit this bustling metropolis. It’s clear that the author has a knack for painting vivid and enticing settings.

What truly captivated me were the characters, particularly the charming James Denny. His claim of being a Broadway actor waiting for his lost love adds an element of mystery and intrigue. The promise of helping him in his search sets the stage for old secrets and adventures, which had me eagerly turning the pages.

The nuns’ boarding house setting is a unique and interesting backdrop, making “New York Miracle” stand out from typical Christmas stories. It’s a testament to the author’s creativity and ability to craft a story that feels fresh and engaging.

“New York Miracle” is a beautifully written novella that combines elements of mystery, magic, and Christmas spirit, leaving readers feeling warm and uplifted. It’s a heartwarming tale that reminds us that Christmas miracles are possible when love and hope are involved. If you’re a fan of supernatural elements, heartwarming stories, and the magic of Christmas, this novella is a must-read.

Author Bio

Margo Laurie studied history at university and is a member of the RNA’s New Writers’ Scheme. She is the author of the Christmas ghost story New York Miracle and the 1920s historical fiction novella The Anarchist’s Wife. She lives in the North West.

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  1. Joanne says:

    That sounds really cute!

  2. marsha57 says:

    Oooh, this sounds like the perfect read as it gets closer and closer to Christmas. I’ve always wanted to be in New York for Christmas…to see the big tree and the lights. Thanks for the review and the link up, Suzy!

  3. Melody Jacobs says:

    I like the book cover and thanks for the link up

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