Songful Style: Meet Virginia by Train

Welcome to the October edition of Songful Style! Hosted by myself, Shelbee (Shelbee on the Edge) and Marsha (Marsha in the Middle), Songful Style is a collaboration featuring outfits inspired by songs. We’re also inviting anyone who would like to join us to post their own outfits in the link-up below. It doesn’t matter from what angle the song inspires the outfit—it can be from the lyrics, the title, the tune itself, the album cover, or even the music video. Last month, our song was A Thousand Years by Christina Perri chosen by me. This month, our Songful Style song was chosen by Shelbee, and it is Meet Virginia by Train (scroll right down to the bottom to read the lyrics).

Meet Virginia is a classic tune that’s just fun to listen to. The lyrics paint a vivid picture of a unique and intriguing character named Virginia. So, I was excited to dive into this song and create a style that captures its essence.

I had wanted to wear something a bit more girlie but in the end I decided to pay homage to Pat Monahan’s signature style instead. I’m sporting skinny black jeans (Levi’s), a v-neck black tee (Mango), a blue denim jacket (Primark), a silver necklace (a gift from my late MIL), and a pair of grungy ankle boots (Seaside). It’s a cool and edgy combo that kind of fits the vibe of the song. I also decided to wear a pair of hoop earrings because ‘Virginia’ in the video is wearing them! Also, there’s mention in the video that Virginia’s hair is always a mess, so I decided to let my hair be as natural as possible and dry it with a diffuser to give it a messier, wavier style. I actually really liked the result so that’s how I’ve been wearing it since lol! It’s slowly getting longer yay!

I must admit that the weather didn’t quite cooperate when we took these photos. It was pouring with rain, making it a bit challenging to get the shots we wanted. I even tried taking a few in the garage amidst Michael’s cars and bikes, but I guess we made it work!

Meet Virginia is one of those feel-good songs that just stays with you, and if you want to learn more about it, you can check out Shelbee’s post from earlier this month. I think it’s quite a catchy and upbeat tune. It tells a story and paints a vivid picture of Virginia, much like our fashion choices tell a story about us. It’s a fun song that’s easy to sing along to, and I’m sure it’ll make you smile.

I hope you enjoy this post inspired by “Meet Virginia” as much as I enjoyed creating it. And don’t forget to join us for the Songful Style challenge by sharing your own outfit inspired by the song in the link-up below. I can’t wait to see what stylish and creative ideas you all come up with. Next month’s song was chosen by Marsha is one I’d actually not heard of before but it’s still a good ‘un! It’s Harry Chapin’s Flowers Are Red.

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Meet Virginia Lyrics

She doesn't own a dress
Her hair is always a mess
If you catch her stealin', she won't confess
She's beautiful

Smokes a pack a day
Wait that's me, but anyway
She doesn't care a thing about that, hey
She thinks I'm beautiful
Meet Virginia

She never compromises 
Loves babies and surprises
Wears high heels when she exercises
Ain't that beautiful
Meet Virginia

Well, she wants to be the Queen
Then she thinks about her scene
Pulls her hair back as she screams
"I don't really wanna be the queen"

Her daddy wrestles alligators 
Mama works on carburetors
Her brother is a fine mediator for the President
Well, here she is again on the phone
Just like me hates to be alone
We just like to sit at home and rip on the President
Meet Virginia, alright

Well, she wants to live her life
And she thinks about her life
Pulls her hair back as she screams
"I don't really wanna live this life"

No, no
No, no
No, no

She only drinks coffee at midnight
When the moment is not right
When timing is quite unusual
You see her confidence is tragic
But her intuition magic
And the shape of her body unusual

Meet Virginia 
I can't wait to
Meet Virginia
Yeah, yeah, hey, hey, hey

Well, she wants to be the queen
Then she thinks about her scene
Well, she wants to live her life
And she thinks about her life
Pulls her hair back as she screams
"I don't really wanna be the queen"
I, I don't really wanna be the queen
I, I don't really wanna be the queen
I, I don't really wanna live this

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2 responses to “Songful Style: Meet Virginia by Train”

  1. shelbeeontheedge1 says:

    Suzy, I absolutely love that she used Pat Monahan’s style as your inspiration for this one. What a cool and edgy outfit and it really is so totally you! Those grungy boots are fabulous! Your hair looks amazing and I think the background of cars and motorbikes is really suiting as well. Well done, my friend! Happy Samhain!


  2. Louise says:

    Such a great idea for outfit inspiration. Really cool rock chic outfit. Thank you for your kind comments on my blog. I actually live fairly near to Whitby so was there earlier this week. Xx

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