Book Review: A Blend of Magic by Kate Kenzie

A witch cannot exist on potions and tea alone.

Hiding in the shadows, staunch singleton Willow Anderson is content running her successful business, The Enchanted Emporium. With Christmas days away, she’s eager to exchange selling bespoke tea blends and spells for extended bubble baths and binge-watching festive movies snuggled next to her Maine Coon, Vincent.

Nate never usually runs away from his problems, but drunk and disorientated, he finds himself in a small fisherman’s cottage in the Yorkshire coastal town of Whitby. After discovering his girlfriend’s affair, he is in no rush to return to the City. His wish for time alone in a Christmas-free zone comes true until an uninvited feline guest arrives. 

Neither Nate nor Willow want company, especially from each other, but they have little choice when concussion means they must spend at least twenty-four hours together. Sparks fly and not just the romantic kind. When darkness from Willow’s past returns and threatens to destroy all she has worked for, pursuing a love affair is the last thing she needs. 

With meddling ghosts and a teenage apprentice with her own matchmaking agenda, love and change are in the air.

But can Willow face her fears, and the past, to capture the happiness she deserves?

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My Review

I absolutely adored A Blend of Magic. It’s a delightful holiday romance infused with magic and set in the enchanting backdrop of Whitby, a place I’ve always longed to visit (especially during the goth festival!). The setting itself is simply magical, creating the perfect atmosphere for a heartwarming story.

The characters in the book are incredibly relatable, despite some of them being literal witches! I have such a passion love for anything related to witches and magic, especially when it’s set in England. There’s something uniquely cozy and charming about English settings for magical tales, don’t you think? It adds that extra touch of enchantment and familiarity that draws you into the story.

The story’s premise of Willow and Nate being thrown together by fate, their initial reluctance to be in each other’s company, and the sparks that fly between them is beautifully done. It’s a classic romantic setup that keeps you engaged and rooting for the characters.

What I appreciate most about “A Blend of Magic” is the depth it brings to the characters. Willow’s past and the darkness that returns add emotional layers to the story, making it more than just a simple romance. It’s about personal growth and facing one’s fears, which is something many readers, including me, can relate to.

The inclusion of meddling ghosts and a teenage apprentice with her own matchmaking agenda adds a fun and light-hearted element to the book, making it an all-around enjoyable read. Love and change being in the air further contribute to the story’s heartwarming and uplifting message.

In summary, “A Blend of Magic” is a book that I wholeheartedly loved. The magical elements, the relatable characters, and the charming English setting make it a perfect read, especially for those who, like me, have a soft spot for all things witchy and magical. It’s a cozy, heartwarming, and utterly delightful holiday romance that I highly recommend

Author Bio 

Kate Kenzie may not be Yorkshire born and bred, but it’s where her heart is and why her fictional worlds are set in the Moors and her favourite haunt, Whitby. Creator of the Enchanted Emporium and its residents, she blogs book reviews and author interviews at The Enchanted Emporium Bookshelf. 

Part-time writer, and full-time dreamer, if she’s not reading from her over flowing TBR pile, she is writing or drinking tea. Like many, she always dreamed of being an author but notebooks of half-finished novels and children’s stories were pushed aside in adulthood until a random Facebook conversation rekindled her passion for world building. By receiving a bursary for the RNA New Writer’s Scheme, she found her tribe. 

Awarded the Katie Fforde bursary this year, she writes romantic and paranormal fiction, especially witch lit. 

Her short story, The Ghost Writer is available in an anthology, Byline Legacies by Cardigan Press.

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  1. marsha57 says:

    This looks like a good read for the cool months, Suzy! Thanks for sharing it. I love the artwork for it.

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