Self portraits in full sun and the weekly link-up

Just a short post this week, as I ran out of time and wasn’t able to produce any outfit photos because my poor kitty, Myrtle, was a little unwell and had to be taken to the vet. It turns out she has some kind of parasite in her blood so I’m just off out to pick up her medication. She is feeling much better today though, thankfully! So my Neverending Style link-up subject today is a brief creative photography one—taking self portraits in full sun.

If you know anything about photography, you’ll know that it’s not recommended to take self portraits in full sun lol. Especially not in the middle of the day in Portugal when it’s 29 degrees and you’re sweating cobs lol! Anyway, I did just that.

I grabbed a few props (including a change of clothes), picked up my camera and tripod and jumped in the car with Luna (my little dog) to head out into the hills behind my house. It didn’t take me long to realise my idea of taking self portraits in full sun was pretty stupid…luckily I had a bottle of water in the car so we could both have a drink.

Anyway, I took some photos in one location before driving even further into the hills to try another. I managed to get a good few photos before we just couldn’t take any more, and so we hopped back into the car and headed home. Luna was relieved. Next time, I think I might have to leave her at home! I hadn’t even changed outfits because I was so hot and uncomfortable.

Checking out my photos once we’d cooled down, I realised I’ve got a long, long, long way to go until I’m a capable photographer lol! I did, however, manage to get a few good shots, which I have played around with in Affinity Photo. Here are my final images of taking self portraits in full sun. What do you think?

self portraits in full sun
self portraits in full sun
self portraits in full sun
Neverending Style Linkup

Last week’s style favourite was Rena from Fine Whatever, who proved that florals / tropical prints can be mixed and can look fabulous too! Check out her post, Would You, Could You, Double Tropical. And now please add your fabulous posts to the link-up. All lifestyle subjects welcome (as well as Instagram posts). Enjoy!

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10 responses to “Self portraits in full sun and the weekly link-up”

  1. Rena says:


    While the “experts” may tell us what not to do when taking photos, I think that it’s ok to break the rules and try anyway. Especially if the goal is an artistic expression as opposed to a brand advertisement. Don’t ever let anyone curb your creativity.

    And what a lovely surprise to see my Double Tropical post as the favorite from last week’s link-up. Thank you for that and for hosting. I hope your fur baby is feeling better and that you have a wonderful weekend.


  2. Laurie says:

    I think the photos are pretty good Suzy. Envious of your weather still! xx

  3. Suzy, the photos came out so beautiful! Often taking photos in the full sun is my only option due to timing and while they don’t always come out the best, they are not so bad either if I can adjust the lighting and color a bit while editing. I love this outfit so much! It is very similar to the one I have shared today which I will link up. Stay cool, my friend!


  4. Claire says:

    Beautiful photos, Suzy. Thanks for hosting.

  5. Amy Johnson says:

    I think the portraits are beautiful. But yes, I know what you mean about how difficult it is to take photos in full sunlight. I love your outfit too! Thanks for the party.

  6. mireille says:

    I think these pictures are beautiful and wearing white was perfect: now I kind of want a white skirt like that! Would totally wear this this summer as our weather will get mighty hot soon. Hope you cat will feel better soon! And stay cool!

  7. Emma Peach says:

    The photos are really beautiful! I hope Myrtle is feeling better, it’s such a worry when pets are poorly.

    Emma xxx

  8. You must have talent as I like them a lot. A trick I have learned from photographers: if you have to shoot with the sun in front of you (instead of the ideal: behind you) use flashlight.

  9. Jacqui Berry says:

    Fab photos Suzy, love the white outfit Hun. Jacqui x

  10. Oh, poor Myrtle kitty! I’m glad to hear she is okay.

    I love your pictures – I’m so dull with mine, but I am often pressed for time, and I keep wearing outfits, so “speedy and same” is my mantra! Love your flowy dress/skirt.

    I just made it into the link-up – thank you so much for hosting, Suzy!

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