May the force be strong… my silly Star Wars photoshoot

May the force be strong

My brother, husband and I have always had this weird silliness about Star Wars characters. I don’t know where it stemmed from, and why it all started, but if we ever see anything to do with Yoda or Darth Vader, we’ll send it to each other with lots of LOLS. We are particularly fond of the saying, ‘may the force be strong with this one’—especially when my brother says it because he does silly voices. Just thinking about him makes me laugh! Anyway, because of our fondness for the characters, we seem to have accumulated a few Stars Wars toys (mostly courtesy of mother-in-law)!

So when I had my light bulb moment last week regarding my creativity, I knew I would have to incorporate these little gems into a silly photoshoot. And boy was it fun! Let’s just say, I hope no-one was watching me in my garden as I pranced around in Michael’s Darth Vader mask and played with the Millennium Falcon, yelling out ‘may the force be strong with this one’ LOL!

So, because I was trying to be creative (thank you, Kutovakika!), I started off the day trying to get a decent shot of my coffee cup, before attempting to get an unusual photo featuring a glass coffee table in the rain (the table just happens to be on our terrace at the moment—don’t ask!). I’m including all this because I’m wearing the same outfit and figured, why not show you what my day looked like?!

So, here’s the first bit…

And then on to my funny photoshoot with Yoda, Darth Vader and the Millenium Falcon… (I hope you’ll take a moment to watch the video with the sound on—please share it if it amuses you 😉 !!)

I didn’t realise until later, that when I had been putting the helmet on and off, I’d smeared lipstick onto my nose! Luckily it’s not too visible in the photos (there was one, but I managed to wipe it off in Affinity Photo LOL!). I also managed to video myself for 20 minutes because I forgot I’d pressed record on my phone! DOH! But it allowed me to create a funny video for YouTube (above).

I shot a couple of photos of my everyday outfit afterwards, just to show you that I’m not always dressed up lol. Some days, there’s nothing better than wearing a hoodie, skinny jeans and my uber comfy Merrells, is there? And I’m not afraid to show it either! Although, as mentioned, I did have lipstick on!

I bought this cute little Star Wars tee in the US the last time we were there. Isn’t it fab? I usually wear it to lounge about the house in. I don’t think I’ve ever worn it out though. Perhaps I should. (If you love Star Wars, you might like all the FAB merch I found, below, btw). My jeans are Levi’s but they’re super high waist and they cut into my belly button piercing which is quite irritating, but I bought them because I loved the colour and the fact that they’re just the right length. My leather jacket is a few years old, and was bought from Massimo Dutti—my favourite shop for leather jackets, I have three! And, as mentioned, my walking shoes are from Merrells. They’re my second pair and I adore them. They’re not the most stylish pair of shoes, but boy are they comfy!

I’ve got another Star Wars tee. Actually, that’s not strictly true. It’s a Mandalorian tee with Baby Yoda on it!! I ADORE Baby Yoda! Whenever I see anything with him on, I always want to buy it LOL. I asked for a Baby Yoda toy / teddy for Christmas but didn’t get it lol. Maybe this year? I know, I know. I’m a big kid, right?! Nothing wrong with that though! Just realised I should probably be saying ‘The Child’ as opposed to Baby Yoda. Michael has got a cool Stormtroopers tee that says, ‘Chicks dig the uniform’, as well as a Baby Yoda tee. We’re clearly a bit mad, aren’t we? LOL. I always get so excited when I discover fun things like this—which is why I’m sharing some things I found online, below (please note they are affiliate links).

And finally, here’s what would have been a great shot had I actually got half of my body in it!! Ah the wonder of the outtakes! May the force be strong with you…

May the force be strong with this one


Star Wars The Force Awakens Chewbacca Life Size Cut Out
Star Wars: Where’s the Wookiee? (Paperback)
Meta Merch Star Wars Chewbacca Arm Mug
Star Wars Chewbacca 21 oz. Geeki Tikis Mug
Hasbro Star Wars The Black Series Galaxy’s Edge Captain Cardinal Electronic Helmet
The Mandalorian – The Child (Baby Yoda) Stuffed Figurine
The Mandalorian – Grogu Bedlinen
The Mandalorian – Grogu Wallet
75318 – The Mandalorian – The Child Lego
The Mandalorian – Loungefly – Grogu Shoulder Bag
Yoda Keyring Pendant
The Mandalorian – The Child Vinyl Figure 368 Funko Pop!
The Mandalorian – The Child – Grogu T-Shirt
Darth Vader – We Have Cookies T-Shirt
The Mandalorian – Stronger Than You Think – Grogu Long-sleeve Shirt
Darth Vader – Dahh Dah Dah Dum Da Dum T-Shirt
Messy Hair T-Shirt
May The Force T-Shirt
Stormtrooper – Employee Of The Month T-Shirt
The Mandalorian – Come To The Cute Side – Grogu Top
Don’t Call Me Princess Hooded sweater
The Mandalorian – Little Child – Grogu Swimsuit
The Mandalorian – Comfy – Grogu Pyjama
Floral Storm Trooper T-Shirt
Baby Grogu Top

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4 responses to “May the force be strong… my silly Star Wars photoshoot”

  1. Happy Wednesday. Aww, what a great photo shot. Love this 🙂

  2. mireille says:

    This is so much fun! I enjoyed the video too! I wish I had a fence around my yard because I would try to do more here for pics. Between neighbors and house builders next door, I only take my ootd quickly in the mornings and do my blog pictures elsewhere.

  3. Nancy says:

    Haha. You are so funny! But you do live in a beautiful area, so to see! I’m not a Star Wars gsm but loving the tee!

  4. OMG, Suzy, you are mad and I love it! How fun! The video is priceless and I totally laughed out loud when you kissed Yoda! Haha. I have a thing for Baby Yoda as well, I mean who doesn’t it?! And recently I had a first date with a very special guy and he showed up with a Baby Yoda magnet for my refrigerator! I laughed so hard and knew immediately that we would get along swimmingly! Such a fun post, my friend!


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