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Beautiful Monsters

I could have entitled this post, I Am Beautiful but, even though I do believe I am beautiful on the inside, I don’t always feel I’m beautiful on the outside. So I entitled it Beautiful Monsters instead…because that is, apparently, what the tee-shirt is about. But don’t get me wrong, I do have beautiful days too! I knew the second I saw the tee that I had to have it, because I loved the quirkiness of the woman’s face. After looking at the label (from Stradivarius), I realised it was connected to Universal Studios Beautiful Monsters. Admittedly I had no idea what that was, but I love movies about monsters lol, so I snapped it up!

My Dad and me

I’ve since googled it, and I still don’t really know what it’s referencing to, except perhaps to Universal’s general horror catalogue. In which case, I wonder if the woman is supposed to be Medusa? If you can enlighten me, please do!

Anyway, I wore my Beautiful Monsters tee to take my dad out for a Father’s Day lunch on Sunday (when it was Father’s Day here in Portugal). We had a very nice Indian meal near the beach, where it started off beautifully warm, but a sudden change in weather forced us to move indoors. But we had a lovely time, nonetheless.

As for my outfit, as I mentioned the Beautiful Monsters tee came from Stradivarius a few months ago, the wide-legged trousers are from Massimo Dutti (they’re the perfect shape for me, but sadly, they’re just a little tight around the hips now, I wish they were elasticated!). I’ve been wearing these white Puma trainers on the blog so much lately, haven’t I? But they go so well with so many of my clothes! Again, my Desigual handbag seemed the perfect bag for this look, as did the black necklace (inherited from my late MIL). The only thing that’s a little different is the long-sleeved red tee that I decided to wear beneath the Beautiful Monsters tee. It’s obviously a look that has been popular with youngsters for decades but it’s not one I’ve ever really worn until now. I must admit, I rather liked it!

Beautiful Monsters

So, that’s it. That’s my outfit for this week’s Neverending Style Link-Up. I’ve not been posting very much because I’ve been crazy busy this past month, working on a new venture. I’m not going to go into any detail today. Suffice to say, I am loving it to bits. But I’ll share more about that next week. For now though, I hope you’ll share what you’ve been up to for others to see. This is the 98th link-up! Can you believe it? I’m going to go to 100 and then I shall have to decide whether to continue with it. I’m so grateful to the few of you who do actually link up, but there are so few, I’m not sure it’s worth continuing with. Let me know your thoughts!

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Beautiful Monsters
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13 responses to “Beautiful Monsters | Link-Up”

  1. mireilleftm says:

    I really like the red long sleeve tee under the tee. I haven’t done that in a while but it is nice when you want to wear a tee on colder days. The contrast is great and picks up the lip color. Looks like you had a nice time with your dad on Father’s day.

  2. Michelle says:

    Ha! What a cool tee shirt! I love your entire outfit. Your color choices are dramatic, but the tee makes it feel a bit whimsical too. I can see the family resemblance in the photo of you and your dad. Sounds like a lovely day. As for the link-up, that’s tricky. But I think first and foremost, there are a couple of questions to consider. Do you enjoy doing the link up? Is it helping you achieve your goals? Can you spare the energy for it when you are focusing on a new venture?


    • Suzy says:

      Thank you so much, Michelle! Your questions are actually really what I need to be asking right now. Considering I don’t have an actual job, I think I should make time for the link-up – it doesn’t exactly take up a lot of my time lol. Perhaps I ought to be thinking of ways to attract more people to link-up!
      Big hugs
      Suzy xx

  3. The double-layered T looks really good with the wide leg trousers and sneakers – this is a great silhouette. That monster T is fabulous!

  4. Rena says:

    I think that every now and then we all need to remind ourselves that we are beautiful. The more we say it, the more we believe it. I hope that you do keep hosting your link-up but I understand your frustration.


    • Suzy says:

      I agree, Rena. We really do need to remind ourselves about own true beauty. Thank you so much!
      Big hugs xx

  5. Gail Is This Mutton says:

    Love that quirky tee, it’s perfectly you. Lovely pic of you and your dad. Have a great weekend xx

  6. Jess says:

    Hi Suzy!
    Im always late to the party these days! Seems going to doc appts, doing reels, and working on the blog, has me delayed! Loving the red shirt under the tee, a great styling idea and your outfit. I have enjoyed some wide leg jeans lately and this is just a fun outfit! Glad you had a great time wiht your dad and look forward to hearing about your new venture!
    jess xx

  7. Nancy says:

    I think you are beautiful on the outside too! You have a interesting face and a cool vibe! There you go! I hope you keep on hosting the link up. Because I now see a post that I hadn’t seen before, so always something new to read!

  8. So cute, Suzy! I am a big fan of layering a long sleeve tee under a short sleeve one. It allows more versatility for your graphic tees! The photo of you and your dad is absolutely priceless. So beautiful. Thank you for sharing that special moment with us.


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