Come on people, let’s play dress-up! #playingdressup2021

Since turning 40 (five years ago) not only has my style changed, but I now play dress-up a lot more than ever before. I’ve become much more experimental too. I think that comes with confidence, which comes with age. And I no longer shy away from the camera—I actually love having my photo taken. I’m like a child again, playing dress-up. And why the hell not? What’s wrong with playing dress-up at 45? Absolutely freaking nothing. That’s what.

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Let’s rewind

Let’s go back to when we were really little. Can you remember that far? I can (well…just about). Okay, so I can’t actually remember the individual moments, but I can recall the feelings I had when I would put on my mum’s heels or try on her lipstick. It was a feeling of pure pleasure, right? Now fast forward, forty-odd years…why can’t we recreate those feelings, or at least try to?

It’s often the simple things in life that give us joy. It’s being around our loved ones, being in nature, watching the birds drink water from the puddles in the back garden, that first cup of Nespresso in the morning, relaxing in a hot bath at the end of a long day with a glass of wine, and, particularly for me, going shopping and playing dress-up.

I really miss shopping—and I don’t give a shit if you think that’s shallow. I miss hanging out with friends in the local shopping centre and then going out for dinner all dolled up. So, occasionally, I’ll get all dolled up just because I can. Do you remember at the beginning of the first lockdown when celebs were getting all dolled up just to put the bins out? I say, let’s do that again! A particular celeb I recall doing just that was Amanda Holden in the most fabulous frock. Do you remember? Let me see if I can find her Insta pic…

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Didn’t she look gorgeous? I bet she had such fun and lots of giggles playing dress up for that photo. And why not? Why shouldn’t we enjoy yourselves? Because we’re grown-ups? Girl…please! We’re still little girls in grown-up bodies, that’s all! I say, have some freaking fun for a change! The world is so fucked up at the moment, right? We need to play!


So I challenge you to do something you wouldn’t normally do. Put on your glad rags, go out into your garden and take some photos to cheer yourself up! We all deserve a bit of laughter in our lives. That’s one reason I love my *Fab40s gals so much. We have such fun playing dress-up once a month. But I need more. I need to play dress-up more often. And I’m going to. And this is where I’m going to post the pics, whether they’re beautiful or a complete embarrassment, I promise to share lol. The question is, will you? If you do, let’s use the hashtag #playingdressup2021

Here are some of my own favourite photos since I first joined the *Fab40s group a couple of years ago…

Playing dress-up

* If you’re wondering what the heck the Fab40s are, we’re a small group of bloggers around the world who blog on a particular theme once a month. The next one will be on Monday 25th.


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4 responses to “Come on people, let’s play dress-up! #playingdressup2021”

  1. I actually didn’t dress up that much as a child, but I did change outfits. I remember staying with my aunt and when my parents picked me up at the end of the week, my aunt said: “What’s wrong with that child? She changes clothes three times a day!” And we were far from rich, so I didn’t even have a lot. It is in my genes.
    I love the way you pose. Sooo good. I am terrible at it and am currently going through a photographer’s book with 1,000 poses. I particularly liked your photos with the black and white outfit (magazine worthy) and the one with the axe on your shoulder.
    And let me tell you: dressing up at the age of 66 (me) is still just as much fun.

  2. shelbeeontheedge1 says:

    OMG Suzy, I cannot love this post any more! You are so fabulous and you know I love to play dress up! In fact, I think you may have just hit on a theme for a new blogger collaboration hosted by you and me together! Let’s do it…a monthly “Playing Dress Up” series! I think we need to try to schedule a video chat, too. Your time is just 5 hours ahead of mine so we should be able to figure out a time that worlds for us both for a little girl talk! Let’s email about it!


    • Suzy says:

      OOOOOOOH Shelbee, you’ve hit the nail on the head! What a fabulous idea! You’re right, let’s do it. And we must talk on video! How fun will that be lol? Generally, I avoid talking to people (full stop LOL)….I mean, on video or phone. But you’re not just anybody lol. I would LOVE to talk to you on video. Sorry, I’m rambling, I’m drinking a little white wine he he he.
      Playing dress up…. brilliant!
      Huge hugs
      Suzy xx

  3. […] meantime, I would absolutely love it if you would check out my video and, if you like the kind of content I post (ie. anything that might interest women my age lol), please subscribe to my channel! […]

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