Pink, pink and more pink. Yes, it’s pink overload

pink overload

I bought this pink skirt a few weeks ago (the same time that I bought three of those summer dresses from C&A) and thought I would wear it the other day with even more pink. Yes, it’s a pink overload outfit! I’ve always been a fan of wearing the same colour from head to toe, but even I think I might have gone a bit overboard on this occasion lol.

It’s a pretty pink skirt though, isn’t it? Pink and florals? And frills? Talk about girlie! But I rather like it, and I quite like the pink overload too! The only thing I’m not wearing is pink knickers but judging by some of these photos, I should have been because the skirt appears to be a little bit transparent (even though it’s lined). Oh well, never mind.

As for the outfit, I’m wearing my new Skechers that I bought a couple of weeks ago. I absolutely love them. Not only are they cute, but they’re super comfortable too, which is always a bonus. I love Skechers, I have several pairs and I wear them all to death. I don’t think I’ve worn this tee-shirt on the blog before, but I bought it from H&M in the sales earlier this year. And the handbag was a gift from my mother-in-law a couple of years ago. The owl necklace was also a gift from an old friend many years ago.

I put this skirt on a few weeks ago but took it right off again because it was just too hot. It’s not the best fabric (polyester, I think) so it’s the worst thing to wear in the heat of the summer. However, I’m looking forward to wearing it when it’s cold. I plan to style it with a chunky sweater and boots (and tights, of course!).

Apparently, wearing all one colour can be quite slimming—not that I’m bothered about that though, to be honest. What do you think of pink overload in an outfit? Would you wear pink from head to toe? What about another colour?

pink overload
pink overload



  1. September 15, 2021 / 5:56 pm

    Pink from head to toe! I really can see this for fall and winter like you described. I cannot wait to wear all of my booties and boots: I have a nice little collection.

  2. September 16, 2021 / 8:41 pm

    I had never worn much pink until a few years ago. Decided to try it with camo pants and fell in love. What a darling outfit. That tee is perfect with the skirt. Love mixing graphic tees with prints.

  3. September 17, 2021 / 12:27 am

    I am loving all of this pink from head to toe, including your bag and sweet cat!! Another combo I love is pinks and reds, although I don’t wear it often.


  4. September 22, 2021 / 8:51 pm

    Such a pretty skirt and tee shirt Suzy, looks super on you and very similar to what I wore today. Looking forward to wearing boots and jumpers with mine too. Jacqui x

  5. September 25, 2021 / 4:08 am

    I don’t feel overloaded, I feel like it’s the right amount. The different shades really help it not be overwhelming.

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