4 surprising benefits of healthy snacking daily

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Nutrition affects your health and is crucial for leading a healthy lifestyle. You can be health conscious in every diet aspect, including snacks. According to a recent US survey, 90% of people reported having at least one snack daily. These foods may have a bad reputation as a guilty pleasure, yet many compelling reasons exist not to pass a nutritious snack. If you’re wondering how snacking can benefit you healthwise, here are four benefits of healthy snacking with vegan options (this is a collaborative post).  

  1. Enhance your brainpower

Snacking can enhance your brainpower by nourishing your body and brain. You may select focus-boosting foods like dark chocolate, blueberries, and avocados if you need an extra boost to improve your focus at work or feel awake in the afternoon. While it is tempting to have a few cups of coffee to boost your concentration, having a healthy snack can be a better alternative for keeping your energy levels up instead of wishing for an afternoon snooze. Snacking on nutritious foods gives your brain the resources to function optimally, so feel free to consider this. 

  1. Keep cravings at bay

Snacking throughout the day keeps you from being insatiably hungry. You are more inclined to pick a healthy snack over whatever sweet pleasure is around. You’re also less likely to overindulge in your major meals, resulting in calorie savings. Snacking mid-morning and afternoon might also boost your metabolism since your body processes food regularly when you eat every few hours. Snacking sustains an active metabolism all day, burning calories. Believe it or not, it can also help individuals with high blood sugar to even out and prevent insulin spikes. 

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Vegan perspective: a healthier and compassionate choice

As a vegan for the past two years, I’ve experienced firsthand the transformative effects of adopting a plant-based lifestyle, especially when it comes to snacking. Cutting out all animal-derived products from my diet has not only made me feel physically better but has also allowed me to align my values as an animal lover with my eating habits. Choosing vegan snacks can go beyond just satisfying your taste buds; it can also provide essential nutrients that enhance brainpower and overall well-being.

  1. Snacks can assist with weight control

Healthy snacking keeps severe hunger at bay, preventing overeating and weight gain. If you consume three meals a day, you may lower the amount of each meal by including healthy snacks between them. That can help your body digest food faster, aiding with weight management. Healthy snack recipes like air fryer pasta chips, wild salmon and avocado triangles, instant frozen berry yogurt, and a homemade crispy granola can give you a rapid energy boost without consuming too many calories. Here is how to make granola at home if you are looking for the perfect snacking for breakfast. I’ve made my own granola adding chocolate bits and oven roasted hazelnuts and I love it!

  1. Lower risks of certain diseases

Eating healthy snacks throughout the day may lower your chances of coronary artery disease and diabetes. It helps to regulate blood sugar levels and can assist with lowering your cholesterol. According to studies, those who consume little snacks during the day have lower cholesterol levels in their blood than those who do not snack. Eating at regular intervals and in proper proportions aids in blood glucose regulation. It can also aid in the reduction of cholesterol levels. These gains improve cardiovascular health and lower your risk of heart disease or diabetes. 

My Favorite Vegan Snacks

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As a vegan, my go-to snacks include a variety of plant-based delights that align with my dietary choices and provide nourishment. Some of my favorite options include:

The right snacks can help you achieve immense benefits for your health and well-being. It all starts with finding the ideal ones. Also, remember that moderation is always key.

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  1. Nancy says:

    Really great snacks! I eat nuts in the afternoon and in the evening in the weekend, sardines on toast. But I do crave for sugar now and then. But try to not give in.

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