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clothes that make us happy

As much as I enjoyed getting out of my comfort zone for that light neutrals outfit the other week and the darker one last week, I felt like there was something missing. It was only when I put on this pink sweater, that I realised what it was: colour. I am a colourful girl who needs more colour in my life. Or should I say, in my wardrobe. This cream and pink outfit made me feel so much happier. And clothes that make us happy are so very important, right?

I actually filled out a Kettlewell Colours quiz on their website because I was starting to have doubts about the colours I should be wearing (I’m a Winter btw). I think it was perhaps because I went down that neutrals rabbit hole recently, I started to second guess myself. The quiz put me back right on track. Well, the Kettlewell quiz and Trinny on YouTube. I must give a special shout out to Gail at Is This Mutton, because she is the one who often talks about Kettlewell Colours, by the way, and she wears colour so beautifully! I think she’s a great example of wearing clothes that make us happy.

I’ve been obsessively binge watching Trinny Woodall’s YouTube channel over the past few weeks and I feel so connected to her sense of style—the way she comes up with outfits is simply brilliant. Not to mention the way she puts colours together. It’s genius. I have been a huge fan of Trinny’s since she burst onto our screens back in 2001 with What Not To Wear. I adored that show. My favourite version of it was the one she hosted, alongside Susannah Constantine.

Now though, she has a hugely successful cosmetics company, TRINNY London, but she also continues to help women across the world with their style (and their style woes). And I do believe, lately, I was one of those women. She has influenced me to go for more colour in my wardrobe, so it’s something I am currently working on. I recently culled my wardrobe, getting rid of three bags full of clothes that no longer brought me joy.

I intend to slowly add new (and pre-loved) colourful clothes that make me happy. If you saw my post last week about how I discovered I’m a Dior girl, then you might understand why I’m also hoping to include some more ‘luxury’, designer pieces too. These pieces will definitely be pre-loved though, because I’m not quite prepared to spend ridiculous amounts of money on new designer clothes.

This leads me onto the website I’ve been spending hours on lately lol. Yes…hours. The past few times that Michael has been playing PlayStation in the evening, I’ve been going down the rabbit hole of Vestiaire Collective! I’ve yet to buy anything though, but I have favourited rather a lot! And it’s not all Prada, Versace and the like. They do have some marvellous pre-loved Zara pieces that I’m keen on too. But I’ll keep you posted on how that goes!

Now though, let’s have a quick look at this cream and pink outfit that I wore for shopping with a friend. I started off with the boots, because they are my absolute favourite pair of footwear at the moment. I bought them before we went to Switzerland, and I had been searching for a pair of black chunky boots lol. They were available in black but when I tried them on in cream, I just fell in love with them. And, bonus, they’re super comfortable! I’ve barely had them off my feet lately. I’ve looked on the website to try and get the black pair too, but they are no longer available. I could kick myself for not buying them both at the time. Mind you, they were about 60 euros and I hadn’t intended to spend twice that!

Cream boots

So I knew I wanted to wear the cream boots. And my favourite jeans with them, are these cream mom jeans from Stradivarius. I just think the shape (and the colour) works well with the boots. Then I started going through my sweaters, which I struggle with at the moment, because of the hot flushes I often get mid-shopping! So, I ended up choosing one of my thinner ones from Benetton. I have the same sweater in red, black, blue and this pink one. They really are my winter wardrobe staples. I thought the pink went so beautifully with the cream and so the decision was made.

clothes that make us happy

I figured I might need a scarf, just in case I did get a bit chilly. This one from Parfois a couple of years ago went really well, because, even though the pink isn’t the same as the sweater, it doesn’t really matter. The salmon pink bumbag from Kipling I chose wasn’t anywhere near the same shade either, but I kinda liked it. I pulled it all together with the leather jacket, which I photographed. But in the end, I realised I didn’t want to wear it, so I wore my tweed blazer from Tu at Sainsbury’s instead. I loved it, but sadly didn’t have time to photograph it. Oh, and then I added these super cute earrings that I bought from C&A the day before. They’re simple twisted plastic earrings but they’re in a kind of transparent ‘barbie’ colour that I adored from my childhood, so I had to buy them lol.

Cute barbie style earrings

And that’s it. A cream and pink outfit that, by simply adding a bright colour, makes me happy. Have you taken the Kettlewell Colour Quiz and do you agree with the results? How important do you think it is for us to wear clothes that make us happy? Now let’s get on with the Neverending Style link-up!

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10 responses to “Clothes that make us happy | TRINNY | Link-up”

  1. I follow and loooove Trinny too! And I also looked last week for the first time at Vestiaire Collective! Haha, great minds….Fabulous boots Suzy!

  2. Another Trinny fan here too! I had dinner with her and it was amazing. The new skincare is good. I love the boots Suzy. They look fabulous xx

  3. Amy Johnson says:

    Awesome look! I love your boots! Thanks for the party.

  4. Michelle says:

    I’m totally with you about needing color in an outfit. Neutrals have a sophisticated look to them, and some wear them oh so well, but they just don’t do much for me personally. This is a fantastic outfit, Suzy! I love it.


  5. mummabstylish says:

    I love this pink outfit Suzy and the boots, oh the boots I love them. It’s taken me a long time to jump on this trend, but absolutely love it. Have a super week, I’ve just about finished my xmas presents – hooray! Jacqui x

  6. Love this color combo; the scarf ties it together perfectly! I definitely need a good amount of color in my life (and outfits) too.

  7. Gail Is This Mutton says:

    Thanks for the shout out! I love wearing colours. Although you’re a winter, your colouring is quite neutral and you can carry off colours that most winters can’t. But this hot pink is so you! I love those cream boots, I nearly bought them, but told myself sternly no more boots!

  8. mireilleftm says:

    I love your new boots! I have been eyeing a similar pair but I really have too many boots and booties so I think I will hold off. Of course, you know I like brights as well as neutral and that pink is probably my favorite shade of pink. It is fun to wear color!

  9. Those shoes are fantastic and I love the outfits you wore here. The versatility is everything and does so much good in the mood when you love what you have on.

  10. thestylesplash says:

    I love those chunky boots! The bright pink sweater looks fabulous on you!

    Emma xxx

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