How to make camo look elegant

How to make camo look elegant

Do you think camo is elegant? It’s not a word you would normally associate with it, is it? However, I believe it certainly can be. Actually, I don’t think there’s a print out there that you can’t make look elegant. If you’re a regular reader, you’ll know I love camo and so these ankle grazing trousers frequently appear on the blog. So read on to find out how to make camo look elegant.

The first thing to bear in mind is that you should pair it with something that looks expensive. It doesn’t have to be expensive, of course. Like this black blouse, for instance. It is superb quality, it hangs beautifully and the gold accents just make it pop. I bought it from TK Maxx a year or so ago.

So, I’ve added an expensive looking blouse to my camo trousers. What else to do? Well, then you should add some more gold accents (could be silver or rose gold too, of course, but I favour gold with camo). Here I chose gold earrings, a simple gold chain and a gold bracelet. Subtle, but elegant.

A clutch will always take the outfit up a notch. Much better than a handbag with a strap, regardless of how fancy the handbag is. Choose a clutch bag and you’ll look so much more elegant. I bought this black leather clutch from Zara last year, but you can usually find ones like this in most handbag stores.

And finally, you need a killer pair of heels to really make camo look elegant. Okay, so when I say killer, I’m clearly not talking about a six inch pair of hooker heels or anything lol. Although, if that’s your cup of tea, go for it! I’m talking about a pair of heels that make you feel good. Because, and here’s the most important point, you need to feel good to exude elegance. Confidence = elegance. Right? I could have worn a black pair of heels but instead, I opted for peep-toe booties in a natural colour. These are from Rockport (similar) and so are incredibly comfortable.

Oh, and don’t forget to finish off this elegant look with a swish of your favourite lipstick! I’m quite lucky that I suit many different shades of lipstick—reds, pinks and deep plums. The only colour that looks dreadful on my lips is orange… yuck! This deep plum shade is definitely one of my favourites (it’s from Kikosimilar here). To really make it pop, I add a touch of pale pink to the centre of my bottom lip and a teeny bit to the top. Can you see?

Anyway, that’s my take on how to make camo look elegant. I know it’s not to everyone’s taste (Greetje, I’m looking at you lol!). Is it something you like to wear? How would you make it look elegant?

On a completely different note, I was really shaken up this morning. After I’d posted a Reel on Instagram about going out, I duly went out and had an accident!! Luckily, there were no other vehicles on the road at the time otherwise it could have been pretty awful, especially considering the size of my car (it’s a twenty-three year old Mercedes jeep so it’s HUGE). Anyway, I lost control of it on a slippery patch, did a 360 and ended up off the road. It scared the hell out of me. Luckily there wasn’t any damage, so I drove out of the ditch and pulled over for a few minutes to calm down. I phoned a friend for some emotional support lol. And then headed into town for a bit. As my friend said, it’s important to get back on the horse lol!!

See you soon!


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21 responses to “How to make camo look elegant”

  1. Lise says:

    Love this outfit! The top is also very cool. I may have book-ended with darker shoes….? My camo pants are one of my favourite pairs so I am going to try glamming them up too. Thanks for the inspo.

    • Suzy says:

      Thanks so much, Lise! Ordinarily, I would have worn darker shoes too, but something drew me to these instead. I guess it made a nice change!
      Suzy xx

  2. Nancy says:

    Oh gosh, that is scarry. I’m glad you didn’t hurt yourself. I love to wear my camo like that. Don’t like it any other way in fact. Very cool and elegant at the same time!

    • Suzy says:

      Thank you so much, Nancy! I’ve since got some new rear tyres so I feel much safe now lol!
      Suzy xx

  3. Holy smokes, scary that you had an accident, Suzy! Glad you are okay.

    I’ve done camo pants just like these, years ago, back in 2016: – god, so long ago!

    I don’t really do camo that often, unless it’s an interesting colour – it just feels a little too casual to me most of the time.

    However, LOVE this outfit on you – you look smashing!

    • Suzy says:

      Thank you so much, Sheila! I also like camo in unusual colours. I really ought to buy more lol!
      Suzy xx

  4. mireille says:

    That’s scary, I am so glad you are okay! I love camo but I need to remember your tips if I want to dress it up! I have gold pieces I don’t wear much that would look great with mine.

    • Suzy says:

      Thanks so much, Mireille! I hope you do try it. I’ll look forward to seeing how you style it on your blog!
      Suzy xx

  5. Jill says:

    What a scare! I’m so glad you are okay! Loving this chic camo look!

    Jill – Doused in Pink

    • Suzy says:

      Thanks Jill! I’ve since put new rear tyres on my car so I feel much better driving now lol!
      Suzy xx

  6. Gail says:

    Your accident sounds very frightening! Thank goodness you’re ok. I love camo. Always on the look out for trousers like this. Definitely elegant

    • Suzy says:

      It was horrible, Gail! Scared the living daylights out of me! Just glad there were no other cars on the road. Slowed me down a lot since then lol!
      Thanks so much!
      Suzy xx

  7. Oh My Suzy! So glad you are ok! That accident sounds scary! I am now just out on the road from not being able to drive for years due to my medications. Love the elegant camo outfit! Those heels, and your smile,, makes it !
    thanks for linking!
    jess xx

    • Suzy says:

      Thanks Jess! It must be a little nerve-wracking driving again after not being able to for years. I’m really happy for you though. It must be wonderful to be able to get behind the wheel again! Freedom!! lol
      Suzy xx

  8. Suzy, you know I share your love of camo and this outfit is wonderful! I just photographed a really cool camo pants outfit that has a fun story behind it! I hope to post it soon! I am so glad that your accident did not cause any damage or injuries. But I totally know that feeling when something like that happens. It is scary as hell!


    • Suzy says:

      Ooooh Shelbee, I shall look forward to seeing your camo outfit and read all about the fun story behind it! (I hope I haven’t missed it!!)
      Big hugs
      Suzy xx

  9. Daenel T. says:

    Such a great outfit. Camo is fast becoming a favorite print of mine.

    • Suzy says:

      Thanks Daenel! It really is versatile, isn’t it? Not to mention fun!
      Big hugs
      Suzy xx

  10. Rena says:

    Camo is an underrated pattern. It can be so versatile when dressed up as you’ve shown so brilliantly or when worn more casually.


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