A basic black and khaki outfit for pizza night

We had friends over for a pizza night last weekend and this is what I wore. Nothing fancy. Just a basic black and khaki outfit with a red necklace. Before our friends arrived, I took a few photos but ran out of time, hence the fact that the pics are all very similar!

And today, I had intended to take part in SIA (Style Imitating Art) but I ended up running out of time for that too! I’ve been so busy with my book cover design that my style posts seem to be taking a little bit of a back seat. If you’re a follower of my blog, you might have noticed that I missed my usual Monday post. That’s because I’ve decided (in order to give myself enough time to focus on both my style posts and my book cover design) to reduce my posts to twice a week, instead of three times. So from now on, I’ll be posting on Wednesdays and Fridays (with exception to the Fab40s which is on the last Monday of the month).

But back to my basic black and khaki outfit. I’d been feeling a little bloated so I didn’t want to wear anything tight so my current favourite jeans from H&M were the perfect solution. Combined with a loose fitting khaki shirt, I felt super comfortable like I had plenty of space for all the pizza we would eat lol!

As we were sitting outdoors (and evenings are starting to get chilly), I would have preferred to wear closed shoes, but my poor toe still hurts a bit so loose fitting sandals were a must. I added a red necklace (a gift from mother-in-law) and red earrings to add a little bit of pizazz to an otherwise basic outfit, but all in all, I was pleased with the result.

We had a fabulous evening, just a quiet one with our two friends, but full of laughter, lots and lots of laughter. Lots of bubbly too. I actually had a hangover on Sunday morning URGH! I’ve come to realise that I can’t take ‘champagne’ like I used to! I think from now I shall stick to white wine!

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3 responses to “A basic black and khaki outfit for pizza night”

  1. mireille says:

    I love this simple outfit: there are some days, that is all I want: it still looks really cute and put together. I did notice your lack of Monday post but am glad you are figuring out which days will work best for you to post. No reason to get burned out!

  2. This outfit is perfect for a laid back night with friends! A pizza night sounds fun! That necklace adds a little glamour to the look and goes perfectly with the khaki top!


  3. Gail says:

    Cute outfit Suzy, elevated by the stunning necklace. Your mother in law has excellent taste! Hope your toe feels better soon. Thanks for linking! x

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