Pink bling with white jeans & linkup

Who doesn’t love a bit of sparkle? And when it comes in the form of a bit of pink bling, it makes me all giddy! I bought this fabulous pink sequin top from H&M earlier this year and I adore it. It was a bit heavy and warm to wear during the hotter months but now it’s cooling down, I’m going to be wearing it with just about everything.

You’ve seen it a couple of times already. Once, in the spring I wore it with wide-legged brown trousers and a tan leather jacket, and a few weeks ago, I wore it with a little pink tulle skirt and trainers. Here, I’m wearing it with white jeans (from Massimo Dutti) and pink sandals from Calla. I added a white handbag from Parfois, my pink Michael Kors watch and a pink floral bracelet—which I ended up taking off before we went out because it was annoying me!

One of the things I love about this pink bling top is the shape, and the way it hangs. It’s perfect to cover any unwanted extra waist ‘baggage’ and in my case at the time, a little bloating!

We were heading out to have dinner at our friend’s house and this was the perfect outfit to do so. Comfortable for chilling out on the terrace (I took one of my H&M cardigans with me) with a little bit of pink bling for added dressiness! And we had a wonderful evening in the light of a gorgeous full moon. It was beautiful.

I decided to get my straighteners out for a change, as it seemed like ages since I’d done my hair like this. It’s getting quite long, isn’t it? It could do with a trim, really, though. I styled it a little differently, tying it back to show my gray in all its glory! There is actually a lot of gray running throughout the length too, but you don’t see it so much in these pictures.

Anyway, enough about what I wore last week, what have you been up to? Let me know by adding your posts to the link-up, below! See you next week!

There are so many fabulous posts, it’s always so difficult to choose a favourite (they’re all my favourite, as old Bruce would say!). But this week, I was particularly intrigued by Gail’s (Is This Mutton) post about earrings—how to choose them to go with your face shape. If you haven’t read it, I highly recommend it! Find Gail’s post here.

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17 responses to “Pink bling with white jeans & linkup”

  1. Laurie says:

    Oh! I’m all for pink and for sparkle. The top looks perfect with the white jeans Suzy xx

  2. Suzy, what a fabulous outfit for spending a night with friends! And I really like your hair styled this way. Your gray streaks are looking so beautiful. I haven’t dyed my hair in about year now mostly due to laziness and I think I might just keep rolling with it. However, I do need a cut and will go to the salon soon. I might do a color correction to even it all out and then let it go. Not sure yet! Happy weekend, my friend!


  3. Such a great top! This would also make a great holiday look!

  4. Suzy it’s the most simple of outfits but honestly, those blush pink sequins are the freakin’ BOMB!! It’d make just anything you wear look incredible, and I agree with you about the shape… it’s basically a loose t-shirt, isn’t it? That’s always my go-to favourite top silhouette!

    Thank you so much for hosting, have a fabulous weekend 😀

    C xx

  5. Amy Johnson says:

    Such a stunning look! I love that top. I included a post that is mostly about my new grandson, but we got all dressed up to take some fall outfit pictures in it too.

  6. Love your pink sparkly top, Suzy 🙂 Thanks so much for hosting.

  7. mireille says:

    It’s so pretty with the white pants! I love how you did your hair: the disadvantage of my short hair is that I cannot create many looks with it. I did get a braided hair headband that I need to share on the blog one day!

  8. Gail says:

    Thanks so much for the feature! Glad you enjoyed the post.
    I had a rose gold sequin top very similar to yours! Unfortunately I hardly ever wore it. Yours looks great particularly with the white trousers. Yes your hair is growing so long- it doesn’t seem long ago it was a pixie cut!

  9. Rena says:

    Suzy, this top of yours is fabulous and it compliments you so well each time you wear it. This is another great look and I like your hair styled this way. A change of pace is nice every once in a while.


  10. I love your pink bling with white !! I have a similar shirt but actually like yours better! Nice stylin girl!


  11. Michelle says:

    I keep shying away from sequins, because I just don’t get dressed up that often. But I really like the more casual way you’ve style this beautiful top. I may have to reconsider adding sequins to my closet.


  12. Alexandra says:

    LOVE that top! I love glitter anything. It’s going to be perfect for Fall and Winter.

  13. Nancy says:

    I definitely need some sequins in my wardrobe! Love it! Happy weekend!

  14. Sinziana says:

    Hello and thank you for hosting the party!

    I love a nice sparkling piece from time to time…this year I bought a beautiful dark green sequins top from the brand Velvet – is made of tulle and all covered in dark green sequins and has the shape of a simple v-neck t-shirt. Is a great piece to have in my closet.

    Have a great Sunday!

  15. I love sparkles. Thanks for wearing that bracelet. Reminds me to bring out my green sparkly bracelet.

  16. Emma Peach says:

    That top is gorgeous! I love anything sparkly! Your hair looks beautiful with the grey coming through!

    Emma xxx

  17. Darlene says:

    Oh, I wish my bit of grey looked as cool as yours! It’s in a few odd places that do not look great! Lol! Love this top and it’s perfect with the white jeans.

    xx Darlene

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