Let’s talk about knickers — the Neverending Style Link-up

I’ve been wanting to talk about knickers with you for a while now, but I also wanted to create a YouTube video at the same time. And then I was approached by Playtex who kindly offered me a set of their underwear to try out. Talk about serendipity! So, here it is: my video about knickers, which I really hope you’ll take the time to watch. I tried to make it fun and entertaining, so if you enjoy it, please consider sharing it with your friends! Sharing is caring 😉

And now, onto the main subject of my written post today: knickers. I recently read that one of my pet hates is back in fashion again—or bang on-trend if you want to call it that. I’m talking about the dreaded thong on full view for all to see. It’s awful, right? Who wants to see your ‘pieces of string’ sticking up the crack of your bum? Now, I know that it will be mostly youngsters wearing this trend. After all, when we were young, many of us did the same thing back in the 90s, right? I’m not holding up my hand in shame though, because I really don’t think I did. Honest! (My husband just might tell you a different story, his memory is better than mine LOL.)

I don’t even like to wear thongs now, to be honest with you. I find them highly uncomfortable and totally impractical. I much prefer a larger pair of knickers that covers all the bits you want covering, don’t you? I’m not a fuddy duddy though lol. Big knickers can still be super sexy, especially if you buy lace ones, satin or silk, for instance. I favour lace. The softer the better. There are times though, when you need knickers in a fabric that will help to suck you in a little bit. And this is where Playtex can help. The set they sent me are in a silky material, but with a firmness to it that helps hold everything in. I was very impressed by the comfort factor too.

When buying knickers, I tend to look for the ones that don’t give a VPL—a pet hate of mine. I dislike wearing anything that shows off the underwear beneath. So I tend to go for fine lace knickers or the seam-free kind. However, there are always times when you need something more like the Playtex set I mentioned above. I tried them on with a pair of tight jeans and they were pretty good, although I wasn’t completely free of my VPL (you can see it in the video). I will probably wear them with wide-legged trousers and flared skirts instead though. Playtex do have other options, of course.

The bra that came with the set is quite lovely too. Although, as I’ve gotten older, I have noticed my boobs losing just a little fullness, which means the lace inserts at the top are gaping a little. But it’s not too bad. I’ll definitely continue to wear it because it does keep me in place lol.

Back to the knickers though. My biggest pet hate of all time when it comes to knickers is the seam right up the front! OMG, why do lingerie-makers do it? It’s the most uncomfortable thing you can ever wear. An itchy, scratchy seam right up the front of your hoo-haa! I HATE it with a passion! Not only that, but if you happen to be wearing anything a little tighter over the top, it helps to give you more of the dreaded (can I say it?!! lol) camel-toe!!! And who in the hell wants that?! Ok, ok, so rant over lol.

What are your thoughts on knickers? Have your tastes changed as you’ve gotten older? Or are you still rocking the g-string? Or do you prefer boy pants? I like the idea of boy pants for girls but whenever I’ve tried them, they’ve all had the bloody seam up the front grrrrrrrrrr. I’d love to know your thoughts on knickers. After all, it’s not a subject we talk much about is it?


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For now though, please come and link all your fabulous posts to the Neverending Style Link-Up, below!
* This is not a sponsored post. The bra and knickers were gifted to me with no obligation to post.

Neverending Style Linkup

Last week’s favourite was Michelle from Fifty and Fab. The funny thing is—and I only just saw this—is that she’s talking about the exact same underwear set as I am today lol! I guess I was a little late to the party. But seriously, it’s lovely to see other women our age happily wearing lingerie with such body confidence.
I hope you’ll link up all your blog posts and Instagram posts too! I look forward to seeing you!

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21 comments so far.

21 responses to “Let’s talk about knickers — the Neverending Style Link-up”

  1. Suzy, you look fabulous! What wonderful photos to showcase this bra and knickers set. And I was laughing all the way through as I read your words. You are so funny. I never jumped on the visible thong trend and never quite understood the appeal of thongs…until I met my husband and we used to go riding on his Harley all the time. Sitting on that motorcycle always gave me the worst wedgies, so I opted for thongs but only when I would be riding on the motorcycle! It is much more comfortable having a string wedged between your butt cheeks than having full coverage knickers bunching up in there! But we no longer have the Harley and so I no longer need thongs. Full coverage all the way for me! Comfort is key. Great post, my friend!


    • Suzy says:

      LOL Shelbee, I never even thought about wearing a thong when I used to go on the back of Michael’s motorbike. Mind you, it has been years since I rode on the back, maybe I was wearing thongs back then LOL! I stopped going on the back because I never particularly enjoyed it, it was so damn uncomfortable. Maybe if he’d have had a Harley instead, it would have been different. Michael drives ‘superbikes’ lol!!
      Thank you for your wonderful comments.
      Suzy xx

  2. Jacqui Berry says:

    Wow, what a figure you have. I love the Playtex sets and have one of the bras to share on my blog soon. Thanks for hosting the linkup too. Jacqui x

  3. Hehe what a fun post!
    You’re absolutely wonderful. Yup, thongs and frilly things with seams at the front have no place in my knickers drawer either!
    Thanks for a fun read.

  4. Mike says:

    Great foto and outfit xxxxx

  5. Nancy says:

    You look absolutely amazing! I hate and hated the thong showing too, never did that. I do have thongs but like to wear brazilians better. I never wear knickers, only when I have to wear shareware. But I also never seen such good looking ones as you are wearing!

  6. Great post and very true. I am totally up for big knickers now as well and I have quite a few, although lower than yours. Only, I bought 4 sets of bras and knickers last week and 3 of them have string knickers. So stupid of me. I did return one eenie minnie miny string which I tried at home (with another old string underneath it) and discovered what I had forgotten. When you get around 55 / 60 you get what we call “chicken filets” left and right of your pubic mound.. And these chicken filets, these fat layers don’t fit in your briefs. A string is not broad enough to cover them. (Your public mound also gets a fat cushion…just warning you for the future haha.)
    I do hope that the creepy internet men don’t find you and stalk you because you are showing underwear.

    • Suzy says:

      LOL Greetje, I guess the chicken fillets are just something about ageing that I have to look forward to!! That, and the fat cushion LOL!! You do make me laugh!!
      I haven’t had any creepy internet men stalk me yet…although having said that, I have noticed a few more male followers on Instagram LOL!
      Suzy xx

  7. Gail says:

    Loved this very funny – and you look fabulous. Thongs always remind me of a whalebone when you see that distinctive shape above someone’s jeans! I prefer big knicks to avoid vpl but I like them to be pretty and silky. M&S Rosie range ticks all the boxes

    • Suzy says:

      LOL Gail, I never thought about thongs like that but you’re right, they do look a bit like a whale bone lol!
      I must check out the M&S Rosie range. In fact, I’m going to have a look now!
      Suzy xx

  8. Daenel T. says:

    I had to pause this because – thank goodness I wasn’t drinking coffee – the knickers from your mother-in-law had me crying with laughter. I need her in my life. I can only imagine that she’s a riot.

    OK, back to the video….

    I need to try lace ones because I tend to buy the satiny ones to avoid the VPL but find that – sometimes – my pants slip down. I’ve also tried the pinup style {high waisted} but as much as I love them, they don’t work for me because I have no waist. I’m all leg. Boy shorts are my jam though. They make me feel all spunky. LOL

    Also seams up the front are an absolute travesty and no one should ever wear them. They just look painful

    • Suzy says:

      LOL Daenel, I love that the video made you laugh so much! My mother-in-law is one in a million, for sure!
      Boy shorts are super cute but I’m yet to find a brand that I really love. I must make it my mission lol!
      Have a great weekend, Daenel!
      Suzy xx

  9. Laurie says:

    It’s a lovely set of undies Suzy. I often wear my “Bridgette Jones” as I call them xx

    • Suzy says:

      The Bridget Jones ones really are the most practical, aren’t they, Laurie!
      Have a fabulous weekend!
      Suzy xx

  10. Rena says:

    Drat, I missed the link-up. This post caught my attention last week but I guess I got distracted before I could add my link and comment. I must say that this is a wonderful post and what a great topic. I always baffled by magazine spreads that show knickers that cost an obscene amount of money. And I wish someone could explain thongs to me because I see no use for them.


    • Suzy says:

      Thank you so much, Rena! I know what you mean about crazy expensive knickers—there’s not much to them so why on earth do they cost so much?! And your comment about the thongs made me laugh!!
      Suzy xx

  11. I 100% agree!

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