Why I’m a big fan of Calla Shoes

Calla Shoes

(This is NOT a sponsored post, I am just a genuine fan of Calla Shoes)
Products that are made here in Portugal tend to be of particularly good quality and I am always very proud to own anything made in this country. For example, one of my absolute favourite shoe companies, Calla Shoes, prides itself on the fact that its shoes are made in Portugal – Porto to be exact. I have several pairs (a few were very kindly gifted to me over the past few years and some I bought myself) and they are ALL incredibly well made, beautifully designed and are the most comfy shoes you’ll ever wear.

I’m hoping that one on these days I’ll get to meet Jennifer, the founder of Calla on one of her trips over here. When she couldn’t find any comfortable and stylish shoes for bunions, Jennifer decided to start the company and do it herself. I, and several of my blogging buddies, are grateful that she did! Here are all the pairs of Calla Shoes that I own (and I love wearing each and every pair!). I can’t wait for the weather to get even warmer so I can get my Calla sandals out lol! Lately, I’ve been wearing trainers more than anything. Not that that’s a bad thing, I do love my trainers!

Sadly at the moment, due to high additional customs charges for European customers, Calla Shoes are currently not shipping to Europe. But they are hoping to have this resolved soon. This whole Brexit thing has really messed things up for so many of us, hasn’t it? It drives me mad! Bloody Brexit!

And here are some photos how I’ve worn them over the past couple of years…

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5 responses to “Why I’m a big fan of Calla Shoes”

  1. Lovely says:

    These shoes look stylish and comfortable. You look cool in short hair!

  2. Nancy says:

    Well, then you have to go to the UK to buy them. And then we can arange a meet up! See, it isn’t that bad! Lol.

  3. LOved your pst and your blog! Just read your interview over at Jacqui’s blog- nice! YOu can come link up with me too on Friday’s- I do a linkup party- would be nice to see you there:)

  4. I can understand why you like Calla shoes. I know about them from Annette, Lady of Style. They have really cute shoes that don’t hurt you when you have bunions and they don’t show them either.
    Yes, Brexit is a beast for us here in Europe.
    I ordered a Demellier bag. On a whim. I have been eying them for years and always found them too expensive. And then suddenly, wham, I ordered one. To my surprise they paid for the shipping and custom fees. Isn’t that kind?
    PS the bag is delicious.

  5. Alexandra says:

    Such stylish shoes and look comfy too!

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