How to wear a shirt over a dress

How to wear a shirt over a dress

Have you got a summer dress (or two) that you love but it’s just not quite warm enough to wear it yet? But it’s too warm for a jumper? Then the simple trick is to wear a shirt over it. There are several ways in which you can wear a shirt over a dress, but my favourite (and because I live in a warm climate), is to throw on the shirt and tie it at the waist.

If it’s not quite warm enough to do that where you live, then simply do up as many of the buttons as you can, and tie it at the bottom. Alternatively, if you have a nice thick belt (you could use a slimmer one but I tend to favour thicker belts myself), put on the shirt over a dress, do up the buttons and add the belt over the top. You might need to adjust the shirt a little, maybe pull it over the belt a bit. This is also a great way to give the illusion of curves (or to enhance the ones you’ve already got!). But be sure to wear the belt on your actual waist (or even a little above it) for full effect.

If you’re feeling a little bleurgh (hello hormones), then simply throw on the shirt over a dress and let it (and everything else!) hang loose. There’s nothing wrong with that either. When I shot the photos the other day, the weather was really lovely and warm, just not quite warm enough to wear the dress on its own. It’s also not quite sandal weather yet either, so I slipped on a pair of purple pointy trainers. I love that these are pointy! It just makes them a little more unique. I bought them from Ecco Shoes a couple of years ago. I also have the high-top version in black!

Do you like my leafy tiger print dress? It’s cute, right? It’s actually meant for 14-year-olds lol! Yes, I bought it in the kids section of H&M! It’s amazing what you can buy in the kids section when you’re a size ten (ok, so maybe I’m closer to a 12 after lockdown) lol! I’ve bought numerous things over the years, mostly from H&M Kids. But this dress is probably my favourite. I love the hemline, although I just noticed in these photos that I could do with cutting off the label lol!

The khaki shirt is from Primark, one that I’ve had years. I like how soft and flowy it is—perfect for tying at the waist. My little handbag is the first thing I ever bought from Secret Sales. It’s cute, but not the most practical, because it doesn’t hold an awful lot. But it does its job, I suppose. I’m also wearing the exact same jewellery as my last post—an abalone shell necklace, a Michael Kors watch and dangly earrings from erm, well, I can’t remember lol! Even though I have three pairs in different colours!

I had fun with this photoshoot. Can you tell? I love this photo, below, because it shows off my lovely grey hair! Not to mention my silliness (see the photo below it lol). Oh, and speaking of silliness, are you following Celeste Barber on Instagram? Whenever I feel the need to have a good dose of laughter, I just click on over to her ‘gram. It’s bloody brilliant! Absolutely freaking hilarious!! I can’ get enough of that woman! My husband has suggested I try and do some similar ‘acts’. I ought to, because I do love it when I make people laugh…just not sure I’m brave enough lol!


Vegan Friendly Leather & STRAW Ladies Crossbody/Shoulder Bag
Ashwood Womens Zip Around Mini Leather Cross Body Bag Pewter
Three Section Vintage Woven Leather Shoulder Bag Taupe
Black Leather-Look Quilted Wedge Trainers
Black Leather Chunky Lace Up Trainers
Catch Shoes Chunky lightweight sole
Allstar Low Leather Trainers El Dorado Egret Minimal Exclusive
Converse All Star Low Trainers Obsidian Clean Craft Exclusive
Adidas dark grey gazelle suede trainers
ECCO SOFT 7, Trainers Women’s
ECCO Women’s Soft Classic Lace Sneaker
ECCO Women’s Soft 7 Sneaker
ECCO Women’s Soft Sneaker
Khaki Plus Oversized Woven Utility Shirt
Khaki Extreme Oversized Shirt
New Look Women’s Sally Satin Pkt Ll Shirt
Women’s Casual Maxi Dress
Casual Long Dress
Ruffle Detail Strappy Maxi Dress
Frill Drop Hem Belted Maxi Dress
Floral Off The Shoulder Maxi Dress
DIXXIE Cabana pleated maxi dress
Liquorish wrap midi dress in oversize scale floral leaf print
Abalone shell pendant
30×22 mm teardrop abalone silver pendant
EVER FAITH Austrian Crystal Earrings
Clearine Women’s Bohemian Earrings
TOJEAN Colorful Layered Tassel Earrings

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16 responses to “How to wear a shirt over a dress”

  1. mireille says:

    Your pictures have been really great! I love your creativity! I bought a gauzy white shirt that ties at the waist and love it over dresses and tank tops when I need an extra light layer that I can shed. Really like this green one!

  2. Jacqui Berry says:

    Great post, and a good idea. Lovely dress and the shirt is a brilliant addition. Jacqui x

  3. The dress is adorable! And I like the way you styled it.

  4. Nancy says:

    Thats a great outfit! I love the colors and the earrings! I never shopped at the kids section, might try it though. Didn’t know Celeste but it looks funny! Have a great day!

    • Suzy says:

      Thanks Nancy! I’ll be very curious to see if you find anything in the kids section! And Celeste is freaking hilarious!!!!
      Suzy xx

  5. Fabulous styling, Suzy! I love this dress and the khaki shirt over top is brilliant. I actually tried to wear a dress with a chambray shirt tied at the waist today but it just wasn’t working for me. I think the shirt was too long so it was really bulky when I tied it. I may have to try again with a belt or just let it all hang loose! I noticed the tag on your dress only after you mentioned it and I have to say that is a ridiculous place for the manufacturer to put the tag! Why wouldn’t they place it up a little higher above the shorter hemline in front? So silly! And if we lived closer together, I think we would almost have to create some Celeste Barber-inspired videos! We would give each other the courage to do it! Hahaha. Great post, my friend.


    • Suzy says:

      OMG LOL Shelbee, we SO WOULD encourage each other!!! It would be SO MUCH FUN!! Speaking of which, this week, I’ve been prancing around in my new Playtex knickers and bra trying to get some fun video (and photo) content for my post about knickers. I’m trying to emulate Celeste Barber…..just a teeny weeny bit lol!!
      Thanks for your lovely comments, my friend!
      Suzy xx

  6. Rena says:

    Your joy and enthusiasm truly come through in your photos. The idea to wear a shirt over your dress is brilliant and extends its seasonal wear. And, I also enjoy Celeste Barber’s IG feed. She is fearlessly funny.


    • Suzy says:

      Rena, it was you that introduced me to Celeste Barber in the first place (I think it was one of your 21 posts). I think she’s freaking hilarious!
      Thank you so much for your lovely comments, it means so much.
      Have a lovely weekend,
      Suzy xx

  7. Celeste Barber is soooo funny. I have been following her for a few years now.
    And that shirt over the dress… genious for somebody like me who doesn’t want to show bare arms.

    • Suzy says:

      I hadn’t even thought about it being an option for women who don’t like showing their arms! Good idea!
      Suzy xx

  8. It is more fun to have fun with photoshoots and your hair does look great! I got a vision in lockdown of me with some grey/white hair and I look washed out! The pine green top is lovely and looks great tied with the palm dress.
    thanks for linking!
    jess xx

    • Suzy says:

      I guess grey hair just doesn’t suit everyone – at least not until they feel ready for it, anyway!
      Thanks so much, Jess. Have a lovely weekend.
      Suzy xx

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