Tips and ideas to carry over your summer style into the Autumn

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Don’t ditch that summer wardrobe just yet! Here are some great tips, tricks, and ideas to carry over your summer style into the Autumn.

The end of summer is rapidly approaching, and while many of us are ready to bring out the sweaters and boots in the spirit of the fall season (I am SO ready!), it can be tough to say goodbye to our summer fashion for now.  Maybe you did a lot of shopping for clothes this summer, and feel disappointed that you didn’t have enough time to rock all of your different outfit choices before the changing of another season. 

The good news is that there are some different ways to carry over your summer style into the Autumn. If you’re one who struggles with parting ways with your summer wardrobe each year, check out a variety of these inspirations to hold on to some of those items for even longer!

Layering–but maintaining a balance 

When it comes to carrying over your summer style into the Autumn, one of the most critical factors you should consider is the addition of layering pieces. A simple t-shirt can be paired with a tailored jacket for a more business-like look, and a blazer is also a great addition to any outfit this season.

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A trench coat also makes a great addition to any outfit. It can be paired with a pair of shorts or a pair of high-waisted jeans for a more casual look. For a more formal take, wear it over a pair of shoes and high heels. I’m excited to start wearing the black studded trench coat I bought in the sales some time ago!

Zara trench coat

Even though you’re wearing a long sleeve jacket, don’t forget that sandal season is still in! Transitional dressing involves mixing it up with a variety of different elements and adding a bit more variety. If you’re planning on wearing knee-high boots, you can opt for a white blouse instead of a bulky knit garment. 

Incorporating the right colours

A capsule wardrobe is all about having a variety of items that work together seamlessly, which can minimize the amount of things that you own while still allowing you to style different looks. One unifying element in this process is colour.

A cohesive and tasteful colour palette can create a sense of refinement and sophistication. While you can add a pop of colour with accent accessories, the foundation of your wardrobe should remain consistent with your chosen shade. Laurie, of Vanity and Me is particularly good at having a beautiful colour palette that really works with her own personal style.

Magic of shirt dresses

One of the most versatile pieces in your wardrobe is a shirt dress, which can be used as a casual or beachy cover-up. During the summer, it can be paired with a variety of accessories for a more sophisticated look. For the fall season, opt for a more formal look by adding a button-up dress or a sweater vest.

In need of a new shirt dress or looking to try one out for the first time? Check out Shopbop’s wide variety of options that can be worn in both the summer and fall! Image Courtesy of Shopbop

Turn your summer slip dress into an oversized sweater 

A simple slip dress can be dressed up with a chunky sweater for fall, and you can also experiment with up-to-date styling by choosing a size that fits your body and includes a front or full tuck. Although this look works well with sandals, leather or suede pumps will keep your feet warm in the cooler months.

Denim skirts… always

A denim skirt is another popular fashion choice, especially a denim mini skirt that works as the ideal choice for those warm autumn days. You can easily transition your summer clothes into a denim mini by replacing your colourful tee and sandals with a ribbed cardigan and booties.

Socks and sandals never gets old

You can easily extend your summer footwear by pairing them with socks. Although this isn’t for everyone (me included), it’s a great way to keep your feet warm in cold weather.

One of the most important factors that you can consider when it comes to making this look more fashion-forward is to make it feel intentional, which can be done through the addition of vibrant colours and prints.

While not always a favourite fashion choice for everyone, wearing your socks with sandals is such a creative way to show off some of your fun and colourful styles! Image Courtesy of Tabbisocks

Summer tank + leggings = versatile combo

When you’re not sure what the weather will be like in the morning, leggings are always a great choice. They’re also nice to wear when the temperature is expected to be a little bit warmer, which is the perfect opportunity to pair a graphic tank top with leggings for a casual summer look—but make it autumn instead!

Tank tops and leggings make a great combination during the fall, because the leggings add some additional warmth while the tank top still allows you to breathe a little bit! AI-generated image

Grunge style

If you’re a fan of a more grunge style in your wardrobe, then you’ll love this first trend. There are a few key factors that you should consider when it comes to styling this look. First, you should opt for lace-up boots as they give your legs a great shape. If you’re looking to add a bit more height to your frame, a heeled pair would be ideal.

Black leggings or a pair that is in acid wash will make a great base for this look. For the rest of the outfit, keep it dark to maintain this grunge look. You can add a plaid shirt or a band t-shirt to your tank top (vest for UK readers), and you can also add a leather biker jacket if you’re feeling brave!

Classic style

Compared to the grunge look, those who prefer more of a classic style are more likely to wear leggings. A neutral base colour for the bottoms and a white or black top for the tank will work well for a standard look.

A few basic pieces can be added to create a more interesting and distinct look. A white button down is a must-have for any wardrobe, and it can be paired with a tank for an effortlessly modern look. For the winter, opt for a camel coloured coat or blazer.

To complete this look, you could opt for a buttery soft leather tote or satchel to accessorize. Although neutral tones will work well, you can still go for a more daring look by adding a statement jewellery piece that’s both stylish and appropriate, like a silver or gold piece. After this, stick to one solid colour, such as gold, silver, or rose gold.

Boho chic

A tank top (vest) and leggings are a must-have for any hippie or bohemian wardrobe. It’s also easy to style these pieces with other key pieces. Start by choosing a plain coloured tank, navy, gray, or cream leggings. This look can work for leggings that are not in black, or even those that are in a neutral tone.

Once you have figured out the leggings, add a kimono top to complete the look. This is the essential piece for any bohemian or hippie wardrobe, and can even be worn all year long.

Kimono tops are designed to be lightweight layers that you can wear over other clothing items that include tank tops, tees, and even jeans. 

A pair of camel or beige suede ankle boots is another essential piece to this look. These are very versatile and will work with almost any outfit, and you can easily walk in these shoes if you find a pair that is flat, but heels are also great for adding height.

To add a bit of boho flair to your look, try wearing necklaces that are long, stack bangles on your wrists, and place rings on your fingers. This look is very versatile and will work with various features. You can also add a bit of extra detail to your ears by throwing on a classic pair of hoop earrings. 

Repurpose your summer outfits today

From summer dresses, to sandals, to skirts and more, there are so many ways to transition your summer style into the Autumn. Ever feel stuck and need some more inspiration? You can always stop back and take a look at this guide!

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