The multi-coloured tee I just had to have

A couple of months ago, I went shopping with a friend who I hadn’t seen for several years. We had such a lovely day catching up over shopping and lunch, with the majority of our browsing (and spending!) taking place in Zara. Whilst there, I spotted this multi-coloured tee and I just had to have it!

Initially, it was all the fabulous colours that drew me to it, but once I tried it on, I fell in love with the cute faces print. It’s so unusual, isn’t it? It’s a really fun multi-coloured tee to wear. Usually, I would pair it with jeans but today I didn’t fancy wearing jeans (the weather is decidedly weird still), so I thought I’d wear my black and white gingham check capri trousers. They’re actually meant for golf, as they were part of the uniform I used to wear when I worked at Sophie’s Golf shop in Odiaxere.

I’m wearing my black Skechers sneakers with the outfit because my feet were a bit chilly for sandals. Although now I’ve got a dodgy pair of Primark sliders on LOL. I also grabbed my huge green handbag, as it’s the perfect colour combination with the t-shirt. I just think they look cute together.

Last week, I mentioned that I’m currently trying to find the best place for photos in this new house. I managed to take the last ones indoors, which is going to be brilliant when it gets cold and rainy. Today though, I decided to head outside and try my luck around the garden, which is really quite sparse. Basically, I’m trying to find pretty locations that can’t be viewed by the neighbours lol. I still get quite embarrassed if I’m spotted taking photos of myself! But I think I managed okay today. The backgrounds aren’t great but they’ll do for now! Of course, my favourite is next to my new car!! I’m still waiting for it to be matriculated, but we’re hopeful I’ll get my new plates in the next few days. I can’t wait!

Oh, and before I forget…Happy 4th July to all my amazing American friends!!

multi-coloured tee
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6 responses to “The multi-coloured tee I just had to have”

  1. Marsha Banks says:

    Suzy!! I am so glad you wore this tee with those checked pants! That just made the outfit sing!!! And, I’m so glad to hear I’m not the only shy blogger around! I think your photos turned out so well…you are very photogenic! Love the color of your new car!!

  2. Alexandra says:

    Such a cool tee!

  3. mireille says:

    What a fun tee! You are finding some good spots for pictures! And I say don’t worry about the neighbors seeing you: mine probably think I think too highly of myself and that I am self centered, lol!

  4. Daenel T. says:

    I seriously love that tee. It’s so perfectly multicultural.

  5. Michelle says:

    Such an adorable outfit! I love this print mix. Ha! I hear you on trying to take pics without the neighbors noticing. Today, I was trying to get out and take some before the rain (which never really happened) and the lawn mowing service arrived. I made quick steps back in the house!


  6. That is indeed a very nice T-shirt (and an awesome car).

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