Out with the boys & the Neverending Style link-up

I’m a bit late with the link-up this week, as I well….erm…just lost track of time lol! So I’ll keep it short and sweet with a super simple outfit I wore to go out with the boys the other evening. When I say out with the boys, it was just me, Michael and two of our close (single) friends so it was kind of like thirty years ago when I first started dating Michael and we would hang out with our two besties at the time (two brothers). We always had a wail of a time, and it was no different the other night.

The reason for going out with the boys was they were shopping for e-scooters and we decided to have a bite to eat at the same time. Bearing in mind we are all in our forties (except for one who is 31), it was hilarious. Needless to say, we came away with three e-scooters. The boys are out playing as I write this! They tried to get me to buy one but I’m on the fence at the moment…I’m just not sure if I would actually use it much. We’ll see.

out with the boys

So, my super simple outfit is the kind of thing I wear on a day to day basis. Jeans, trainers, tee and a hoodie. You can’t get much more simple really! But some of what I’m wearing is new and I love each item! The trainers are from Skechers (probably my favourite trainers brand) and they’re incredibly comfortable—so much so that this is my third pair in this design. I have black ones, red ones and now white ones! If I ever see them in another colour, I know I’ll snap them up too lol!

We bought the grey hoodie from Super Dry in England, and I also bought a pair of pink sweatpants (which I’m wearing as I write). Seriously, I cannot get enough of them. The hoodies and the sweatpants are so comfy and, they do look pretty cool too lol. This fabulous Seiko watch was a gift from Michael while we were in England too. He loves seeing me wear big sporty watches and I think he’s been wanting to buy me one for a while so when we spotted this one in the shop window at Freeport Braintree, neither of us could resist. The rubber strap makes it lovely to wear, and there’s no need to change any batteries because it is kinetic.

And finally, the last thing I’m wearing that is new (apart from the very pretty little blue/green ring which was a Christmas gift from MIL) is this absolutely, freaking GORGEOUS ring by Tessa Metcalfe. I’ve been a fan of this artist for ages and I have longed for one of her beautiful rings, and late last year, I just happened to be on her Instagram account when up popped that she was going to have some new rings available for purchase on a certain date, at 4pm (I think it was). So, I squealed and waited patiently for the date to arrive. When it did, I was there, constantly refreshing the page waiting for the rings to appear. I was so excited when I managed to buy one lol. I had it sent to MIL’s house (because I didn’t want to pay the duty tax to have it delivered to Portugal) and picked it up last month. Isn’t it exquisite? It’s the most ME ring I’ve ever owned.

Tessa Metcalfe makes the rings using pigeon’s claws as moulds (which is very dark, I know, but it’s just so me lol!). It’s quite goth, magical and mysterious in a way. Anyway, I just can’t get enough of it! But that’s enough of my super simple out with the boys outfit. What have you been up to lately? I hope you’ll link up your posts, below. See you soon! Oh, and by the way, did you catch my post on Wednesday about my new online shop? I’m selling scarves, dresses, etc featuring some of my own designs. I hope you’ll check it out here!

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10 responses to “Out with the boys & the Neverending Style link-up”

  1. Michelle says:

    We certainly enjoy are e-vehicle (Nissan Leaf) so I have to think that these e-scooters are going to be awesome! A nice daily look, Suzy! And I adore your new pigeon claw ring. Going off to check out your shop.


  2. Nancy says:

    The ring is really gorgeous. I checked the site and she sells lovely jewelry. I also checked your site!

    • Suzy says:

      Her jewellery is absolutely gorgeous, Nancy! I particularly love the clawed rings with the opal stones…maybe one day I might get one from hubby LOL
      Suzy xx

  3. Marsha Banks says:

    What a fun ring that is! I wasn’t sure what kind of claws they were but still such fun! Nigel thinks we should get bikes this summer for exercise. I’ve only been after him for years now to do it! I hope you’ll give Michael’s bike a spin or two! And, I love your outfit…similar to what I wear on the regular!!

    Thanks for the link party, Suzy!


    • Suzy says:

      I’ve tried bicycling, Marsha but it wasn’t really fun for me. I get so nervous (and wobbly lol). But the e-scooters are much more fun… they’re the ones that you stand up on. You know the ones? Like we had when we were kids, only they’re electric so you don;t have to push yourself along!!
      Suzy xx

  4. Lovely says:

    Lovely casual look! Love your shoes!

  5. Daenel T. says:

    Those rings are so very cool. I can so see my daughter wearing that jewelry — she currently wears a ring made with a tooth that she bought at an antique store {I’m afraid to ask anymore details}. 😂😂 You look so comfortable. Love the trainers.

  6. Indeed that claw ring is so you. You will enjoy it so much. As for the outfit…mmm just a little too simple for me.
    Sorry to be critical.

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