A red, white and blue outfit for summer

Red white and blue

I bought these red trousers a few weeks ago when I went shopping with my pal, Sarah. Stupidly, I didn’t try them on so they’re not quite as loose fitting as I would have liked, but they’re ok. What I do like about them is the white stripe down the side. But I think they’re great for my red, white and blue outfit for summer though!

red white and blue Skechers

In hindsight, I don’t think these trainers are the right shoes for this look. Although the colour is perfect, I’m not so keen on the actual shoes. They’re Skechers (my favourite brand of trainers) but they’re just not as comfortable—or stylish—as my other pairs. I’m not quite sure what it is about them, but I definitely got buyer’s remorse after I’d bought them in Lisbon early last year! They’re quite stiff, so maybe it’s that? Or the fact that they just look big on me? I’m just not sure. I reckon a pair of heels would look good, as would an alternative pair of trainers.

You’ve seen this shirt several times before. It’s kind of my go-to shirt when I don’t want a thick denim jacket, but something along those lines (just lighter). It’s quite old, from Primark, but I love it. And the white vest (tank top), is from Intimissimmi last year. I loved it so much that I bought it in every colour lol! I have it in white, black, navy and grey. The quality is fabulous, and I love that it has a built-in bra which comes in handy. I’m a big fan of Intimissimmi and buy most of my underwear from there, as does my husband.

A couple of weeks ago, whilst browsing my local shopping centre, I spotted this adorable little red, white and blue scarf in the sale. It’s not the kind of thing I usually buy (my scarves tend to be distinctly larger than this!) but I loved it and had to have it. I plan on wearing it around my neck in the cooler months, but it was perfect as an alternative to a headband on this occasion.

You might recall my blue handbag from the Fab40s water outfit post a month ago. I bought it especially for that post! It’s from Zara and I just love that the crushed velvet actually resembles water. Isn’t it funny how we see things sometimes?

As for my jewellery, apart from the red necklace which was a gift from a friend, everything else is from my Mother-in-law, but I bet you knew I was going to say that, didn’t you?! lol 😉

Anyway, that’s my red, white and blue outfit for the summer. I know I should’ve probably saved it for July, but I’m sure I can come up with an alternative for that date! Do you like to wear red, white and blue?

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5 responses to “A red, white and blue outfit for summer”

  1. I do wear red, white and blue even though they are the colours of our flag. Who cares, right?
    But I will say (hope you won’t be cross with me) that they are indeed rather loose across the hips and as they are high waisted as well, hmmm, I think I would wear a top which sits a couple of inches down my waist, covering the waistband. Idea? Or: unsolicited advice?

  2. I really need to find a similar denim shirt this year: mine were ill fitting and too tight so I donated them but each time I see someone layering with one, I want one! Love the colors together and that scarf is the perfect addition.

  3. What a great outfit. The stripe is very sporty. I love slacks with trainers, but I can’t seem to pull off the look.

  4. Nancy says:

    I never wear that color combination, as they are the colors of our flag. Unlike Greetje, lol. But it is a sunny color combination! Have a great day Suzy!

  5. Suzy, this outfit is very street stylish and super fun. I love red, white, and blue together. There is something super special about this color combination. Maybe it’s the whole primary colors thing (minus the yellow). I like the trainers with these funky pants but I bet the pants would look really cool dressed up with some heels, too. I think you have lots and lots of options for styling these trousers. I have been wanting a pair of bright red trousers! Darn it. I tried on a pair in the thrift shop the last time I was there and they were a size too small. I will be on the lookout though. Thanks for linking!


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