I’ve moved! Find me on www.suzyturner.com

Hello lovely friends! After last week’s post about whether or not I should merge my two blogs into one more manageable one, I’ve gone and done exactly that and I’m thrilled that it happened super easily without a single hiccup! Shocking, I know lol!

So, from now on, you will find me over at www.suzyturner.com where I’ve created a new header that simply says, ‘Suzy Turner, the Grey Brunette’. I’ll probably play with it and change it over the coming weeks but I just wanted to create something that people will understand for the time being.

I’ll keep this blog as is for a short while, and then I’ll redirect all traffic to www.suzyturner.com for a few months until the site goes down at the end of the year (yeah…I paid for a full year in January before I made the decision to merge!! Typical!).

I was so surprised how easy easy it was, to be honest. I simply exported this WordPress blog and then imported it into the other one. I was expecting to have to upload all the photos but it did it automatically YAY! Fingers crossed there won’t be any hitches over the coming weeks lol. So that’s it…the last post on this domain. I’m not sad that I ended up sticking with my original blog, not at all. In fact, I’m excited at what the future will bring!

So, if you’re subscribed to this blog, I hope you’ll head on over to www.suzyturner.com and subscribe over there instead. I doubt it’ll have done it automatically lol! So come on over to see me over there where you’ll find all my old content from this blog as well as that one (so confusing to explain lol).

Big hugs,
Suzy xx

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