Zara trench coat | Bargain of the year!

Zara Trench coat

OMG I must tell you about my bargain of the year! I was in Zara last week with Michael and I just figured I would have a quick look at the last few sale rails…I zoomed right into this Zara trench coat which is covered in silver studs (not polka dots as it appears in the photos). I mean, a studded black trench coat? It’s like it was made for me. So, I knew I wanted it even before I saw the price…which originally was 99 euros. Can you guess how much I paid for it? I bet you can’t lol. Wait for it…

Zara trench coat

15.99!!!!!!!! I know, right?! Crazy, crazy price for such a beautiful, unusual piece. I think I probably squealed again. I do tend to squeal a bit when I spot a beauty in the sales lol. It happened previously with the silver studded boots I mentioned (which I still haven’t worn, by the way).

However, I did wear another pair of new studded boots with this Zara trench coat. And I bought them the same time as the coat, because they were also in the sales for just 19.99 euros!! I know…OMG! They’re real suede too, and they have silver studs down the side. Cute, right?

Speaking of cute…how about this dress? Okay, okay…I’ll admit, it’s another Zara item. But I didn’t buy this on the same day lol. I did, however, get it in the sale! I actually tried it on a few months ago (prior to the sales) and decided not to buy it because I thought I might get lucky when the sales started. Clearly, I did lol. It’s beautiful, isn’t it? The colours are just so me…the deep emerald green with the black is simply stunning. I’ve worn it twice already. Once for a lovely dinner at our friends house (I wore it with knee high black boots and a black sleeveless sweater), and this time for a dinner out with other friends at a stunning hilltop restaurant overlooking the ocean. I should have taken my camera there, shouldn’t I? Next time, perhaps!

But back to the Zara trench coat. It’s obviously meant to be an oversized coat, because the size is actually an XS-S and it is rather large. But it’s perfect. I used to have another black trench coat from C&A but I gave it away a few years ago (I’ve no idea why—possibly because it wasn’t that roomy). So, I was delighted to stumble across this beauty. I know it’ going to get loads of wear over the years!

Swarovski necklace

Other items I’m also wearing here are my black lace scarf (old from Stradivarius), my super sparkly (although this photo doesn’t do it any justice at all) Swarovski necklace and my black leather clutch from Massimo Dutti.

I’m quite pleased how this outfit came together. To be honest, I wasn’t entirely sure about the boots with the dress, but the more I kept them on, the more I loved them together. Funny how that works, isn’t it?

Zara trench coat
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4 responses to “Zara trench coat | Bargain of the year!”

  1. Michelle says:

    Oh Suzy! What a find! I did think polka dots when I first saw the coat, and thought it was marvelous then, but studs? I can see why you squealed. The dress is absolute gorgeous! I love those rich jewel tones. They draw me in every time.


  2. What an amazing find with this trench! I love the dress you paired with it and loving those studded boots. The whole look is perfection!

  3. Gail Is This Mutton says:

    The trench and boots were made for you!! I’m very envious of the success you and Trinny have in Zara. Whenever I go in there, I don’t find anything. Sometimes I like things online but reluctant to order it because their sizing is so haywire. Thanks for linking! xx

    • Suzy says:

      Thanks Gail! I know what you mean about the sizing. A few weeks ago I spotted a gorgeous sleeveless long denim dress that I had to have! I ordered it in a Medium (the size that usually fits) and it was too small. So I ordered the large and it’s too big! I’m so bummed because I loved the dress 🙁

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